Thread: Bruce Lee vs. Jason Lee

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    • 7 years 29 days ago
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    Two Lee's......there can be only one.

    Jeet Kun Do vs. "Mallrats" stink palm.
    Bruce vs. Banky
    "My Name is Earl" vs. "Enter the Dragon.

    You be the judge.
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      • 7 years 28 days ago
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      uhhhh...Bruce Lee.
      "Way of the Dragon" vs. "Dreamcatcher" (ewwww....)
      Oh yeah?
        • 7 years 27 days ago
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        Bruce lee would win easily. Sonny chiba would be a better match for Bruce lee.
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          • 7 years 27 days ago
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          Bruce Lee would win in a close one but the stink palm would knock Bruce off his game for a couple of seconds.

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