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    Well I'm a die hard Conan fan and love riding motorcycles. So I decided to combine the two and start my own motorcycle club :P yeah yeah haha.

    I'm looking for someone to draw my club patch...here is what I'm looking for....


    I'm just not sure if I want the one on the top of the page or the bottom, both have him standing over dead bodies with a babe clinging to him....(one with an axe the other with a sword)

    I don't necessarily want the dead bodies below him, but I definitely want the baby clinging to his leg with at least 1 tit showing.

    Over him in ARCHED bold letters I want "THE CIMMERIANS"

    and below him I want "MC"

    Hopefully someone that loves to draw can do this for me, but it would have to be bad ass for me to actually have it embroidered into a patch.

    In case your wondering, no I don't expect anyone to want to join, this is more for me.

    Let me know what ya think!
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