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    My wife and I have been flashing back to the 80s to remember the "good ol' days", which brought me here. Along with this, we are cleaning up my old room and going through all my childhood toys and such. We have come across a lot of items that had questionable origin. But, most of them we have been able to find through the lovely internet. Though, I have have come up nothing but empty on this one item below.
    Yellow, cat, foot, with a number five on it, is the only desciption I have think of. I thought it was a ThunderCats item. But, my wife thinks it's a Transformer. I'd love to be right about at least one more thing. Though, I would love to know the truth. Does anyone have any ideas? Or any ideas on where I could find out?
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      Let me try to get the pics posted again.
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        Its not a Power Ranger toy

        Thats a Voltron lion. It and 4 other lions formed a large robot. (shameless plug...)See my top 10 robot toys article on the main page for a picture.
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          btw, ^that was me
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            That is definatley Voltron. There used to be a little guy that fit into the back of the cat. I think the yellow guy was the chubbier of them all. (yep, i'm right)

            EDIT: I found some pics of them online, but photobucket seems to be down. You can go to ebay and search Voltron. You'll see all the action figures there.
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              *sigh* Lion Voltron. One of my all-time favorites. I got the Castle of Lions playset from my husband for Christmaslast year!
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                Quote by Anime
                *sigh* Lion Voltron. One of my all-time favorites. I got the Castle of Lions playset from my husband for Christmaslast year!
                Lucky dawg.

                Ah, the memories... of Princess Allura in a towel
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                  this is the diecast series of voltron lions, these aren't the ones that the action figures went into, they were scaled larger and made of plastic, a smaler scale of lions was made that were pullback racers and made of plastic

                  there was an anime cartoon were the lions fought aliens, the tv opener is on this site somewhere

                  there were 5 lions, you have one of the feet, the blue lion was the other leg, the black lion was the chest that connected to all the other lions and the red and green lions were smaller and formed arms.

                  the only problem is this scale of lions was released approx 5 years ago alon with updated action figures and a newer style lion, so there is no guaranttee that you have an orig lion

                  also the sides of the head should open up and there should be a cylindar red gun thing in each one, it can come out and i've found several yellow lions missing the cylinders,

                  i can't esitmate the value of the lions since i've never sold or purchased any outside of yardsales ect.

                  hope that helps
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