Thread: RJ Contributions and the War of Anonymity

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    I never go in the forums but it has come to my attention that some forum users feel that articles aren't "real" contributions to the site. This comment came from a guy who only lurks in the forums with nothing interesting to say outside his safe little thread post. I won't call him out but he called RJ articles "pieces of shit".

    Maybe he can't write well or perhaps he is to much of a pussy to write anything noteworthy? Anyways, it really pissed me off because a good deal of users on this site put in real effort to write entertaining pieces.

    I agree that a shit ton of crap has been submitted lately, however the moron who wrote that comment post was probably ranting to get a flimsy point across.

    With that said, how do you (as a RJ user) rank contributions for this site?

    I personally believe that the articles are the main reason people come to the site. IMO it really lets other users see whats on your mind or how something retro was back then. Not saying that adding edits and videos to the site isn't contributing......just less insightful. There are some people who do nothing but copy and paste edits and quotes to jack up their "points"......which is fine.....but it begs the question.

    What's the purpose?

    You're just a ghost that no one sees that uploads stuff that no one notices. You might be in the top 50 but who are you?

    I feel these percentages justify the importance of each contribution. Let the ranting begin.

    Intros/Credits 5%

    TV Show 5%

    TV Episode 5%

    Commercials 20%

    Movie 5%

    Trailers 10%

    Actor Edits 5%

    Quotes 5%

    Articles 40%
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      I've always been of the belief that the articles are the most note worthy contributions to the site, yes everything else certainly has its place without a shadow of a doubt, its all part of what makes Retrojunk such a fun and enjoyable experience, lord knows I've contributed quite a bit of stuff regarding that.

      However though its the articles that I too feel takes the most time and effort as far as contributions go, I mean lets face it your creating these things from scratch, presumably at least. The articles are the contributions that takes the hardest work, you can't just sit down for an hour and click "submit" at least you shouldn't anyways, even my most quicky of articles would take me a week until I have something I'm happy with.

      My first article was posted on February 29th 2008 (Leap Year!!)
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        Why'd you make two of these? One is enough!
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