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    sometime when i get the chance i'll be writing an article that's both a summary AND a review of squaresoft's 1998 hit, brave fencer musashi. as an added bonus i'll be adding some highlights to the game, and some nifty screenshots. i don't know when i'll start though, since my job is still kind of holding me back
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      and thank god velcro isn't here to bash about finding the info on wikipedia. the article will be explained in my own words about the experience i had on it, and in some places of the article i'll add pictures showing a unique part of the game (like copying abilities for example). and don't worry i'll take screenshots fresh from an emulator so i won't be wasting my time looking all over from websites like for just one particular picture of what i'm looking for
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        i cant wait to read that. I still have that game to this day and definitely one of a kind game.
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          Awesome dude, looking forward to it. I also own that game as well as it's PS2 sequel. In my opinion the original was a better game, however the sequel had the better music (though the music in the first game was no slouch either).

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