Thread: Hi, I'm New..Need Help With Name Of A TV Show.

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    Hi, I get depressed sometimes thinking how good things were in the 80s. Glad to see this site around..

    I was wondering, if someone could help me remember the name of a tv show I use to watch as a kid. I think it was sometimes in the early 80s. All I remember was that there was this man and a boy(not related, I don't think), whom traveled through time with the use of a stopwatch(I think). I sort of remember one of the episodes being about them seeing Baby Moses. Anyone have any idea of what tv show I'm talking about? Thanks.
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      I know exactly the show you're talking about, but the name escapes me right now. I'll see if I can find it.
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        Thanks to anyone who helped search, but after a lot of searching, I finally found it through searching for 'time travel', under plots on It came up with a list of tv shows/movies that have dealt with time travel. The show was called, "Voyagers"(1982). It aired on Sundays on NBC. Apparently, it only lasted one season due to it being in a bad timeslot.
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          hi, it was made by donald bellisairo, years b4 he made QUANTUM LEAP.he just switched the roles around. in LEAP the older guy knew all the answers. on Voyagers , the kid did
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            And I'm sure you all know that the kid (name was Meno Pieluce or something) was the brother of "Punky Brewster".
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              Voyagers! was excutive produced by Jim Parriott...Just a head's up, the same guy responsible for "Misfits of Science", "Forever Knight" and more recently "Grey's Anatomy"
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