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    That is truly a great ad for Pizza Hut. That was when Pizza Hut had their awesome Slogan of "Pizza Hut, Makin it great!". Heck it's one of the reasons I still break out the video and watch it occasionally.

    I have the first VHS version of the Land Before Time (the first and best one)

    I'd like to know how to get something from VHS to my computer but unfortunately I'm not aware of just how you go about doing that.
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      Quote by nottamember
      If you want to put VHS to your computer there are a few ways of doing this. Some graphics cards allow this by AV ports and there are certain editing tools that allow you to place video on the computer(It's a boxy thing that has a VCR inbuilt) I don't know where to get it from but i'm sure if you look around you'll find something.

      I do it the retarded way. Plug the vcr into the dvd recorder and record the tape to disc. I then throw the disc into the computer. Pain in the ass, but it works.
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        Quote by Anonymous
        what is the name of that talking pizza hut pizza.

        It was Pizza Head
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          i have all of the land before time puppets that were available at pizza hut

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