Thread: What exams are you studying for?

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    I finished my finals thurs.---- yes!!!!!!!!!
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      Finished my Finals earlier this week, results:

      Voice & Data: PASSED with a B.
      Construction II: PASSED with a B.
      Motor Controls I: PASSED with a C.
      Workplace Principles: Dunno.

      My Con II exam was the Home Builders' Association test, I got a 81 on it, and I got an award for it.

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        Quote by anglslife
        I finished my finals on tuesday. Thank the lord.

        Ditto. I meant to update, but I've been busy moving back home and holiday stuff...

        So, on my one test (Adolescent Psych.) I got a 98 on the multiple choice, and probably got some bonus points for the essay, so woohoo!! I was worried about it. Hopefully that will bring me up to an A-. Got an A- in Education, even though I was told an A 3 weeks ago. B in 3D design. Probably an A in Health.

        The rest I have no idea... They post grades some time in January.

        Man, I'm exhausted! This was not a happy semester for me. Bring on the holidays and a 5 week vacation!
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          Ughhh, let's see:

          -AP Spanish
          -World Literature
          -US History

          Ugh--I hate AP Spanish, so I have to pass my final, b/c I'd rather drink bleach than take it in summer school.
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            This is a couple weeks old, but I forgot to post that I passed Workplace Principles with a B.

            My third semester was quite successful, if I do say so myself..
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              Wow Adventure_of_link you got some pretty good grades! And congrats on that awards.

              Heres what I got

              Psyc in Film: A
              Sociology: A
              US History: A-
              Spanish Comp and Grammer: B+
              Philosophy: B-

              I'm not really pissed at philosophy cause its hard...but my Spanish prof screwed me over with that B+. I was expecting higher.
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