Thread: tryin to remember a song

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    this is from the 80's

    goes like this

    you are my best friend
    best friends stay together
    best friends will stay forever
    you are my best friend
    what would i do without you

    i think it's fluppy dogs or pound puppies

    it was from a read along and record book
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      any help
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        The Get-A-Long-Gang?
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          Its fluppy dogs for sure. The girl puppy gets into makeup and makes a mess and runs away righ there is a carousel scene where its spinning fatter and faster right? There was that sing that i cannot find anywhere. Can't find the book either. But the sing plays. "best friends stick any kind of are my best friend. What would i do without you?" Oddly enough i don't remember the cartoon.
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            I'm sorry for the tons of typos.
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