Thread: Comic Book to Movie-Good idea? Or terrible choice?

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    Tim Burton and Michael Keaton where the ones that made the first 2 batman movies a success. Burton is knownfor his dark views on things when it comes to making his movies and I enjoy several of them while Michael Keaton was just fit to be batman. Even without the mask he still had the mad looking eyebrows and such. the last 2 batman movies made the mistake of being too flashy and colorfull while they should be dark and mysterious. I'llwatch the new one and hopefully like it, but I'm just scared they will blow it, especially since in the trailer it seems as though bruce wayne is trained by a guy who he shouldnt even get to be enemies with yet. but since all the bat stuff he has for use looks low tech towards what he uses in the first batman movie it might all still work out. I hope. for all we know spiderman 3 could turn out bad too.
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      Tim Burton is genious, not to stray off subject, but I can not wait for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to come out. Anytime Tim Burton and Johnny Depp get together the results are freakin great. The trailor looks completely dark and trippy, just the way Wonka should be!
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        Quote by Badkitty
        Tim Burton is genious, I can not wait for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

        I agree, on both matters.
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          The Tougher question is will they screw up Superman. I always say don't cast an actor cause he looks like the character cast him cause he or she can act like the character, leave costume or make up for the look. But the new superman if any of you have seen the pics for 2006s movie, he really looks like a dweeb in a halloween costume, hmm we she wait and see what it looks like on the big screen. It has an uber mega budget but Superman is something that is soooo easy to do wrong, one must walk a thin like with the big blue man of steel.
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            yes this is the topic we everyone wanted
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              I think it depends on who's directing it...
              I mean some directors love comics and some barely read em...

              Guillermo Del Toro the director of Blade2 and Hellboy were pretty good movies...and that guy luvs comics...
              as well as Kevin Smith(Jay & Silent Bob)...
              and Sam Raimi did a great job with Spidey, Bryan Singer did an Okay job with X-men 1 & 2..and hopefully Superman Returns
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                I am reminded of "Comic Book: The Movie"

                Its ok. If they're done right, they make pretty good movies. If they're done wrong, then they suck, but you still have the comics to fall back on
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