Thread: What's it all about?

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    I have a few idea's so I'll be participating.
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      spontaneous ideas that jump into your head
      that need to be said
      scruntinized by others so you can feel more or less like a moron
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        Quote by Vertex
        Quote by Disney
        Ill have a read at some of the articles, they are a little sore on the eyes cos the format is all scew wiff (wonky)

        Please explain... scew wiff? What exactly is it about the presentation of the articles you don't find appealing?

        I take it al back boss, the format has changed so much with the site re-vamp etc....

        I was talking about the likes of the old dirty dancing one etc.....
        Every time I visit RetroJunkit seems to change. Just glad the people dont.

        Come on Vertex and Mod Gang, sort out my contributions
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          i like zelda
          go to my site
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