Thread: What kind of car do you have ?

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    im paying $2320 a year for fullycomp insurance.
    sucks balls but it did come in handy a couple of months ago when some dickhead stopped in front of me really quickly in the wet.
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      I'm 19, I have the bare-legal minimum, and I pay yearly (next to no intrest or service charges) and I think last years payment was $1092... which was $92 a month.

      Depends on the size.. however if it's a used econobox, like a neon/escort that's say of 1996 Vintage, it wouldn't be much more than a bigger car of the same year... like a Taurus. However... if you had a 2006 Cobolt the insturance would be more, than say a 2006 Impala.

      Yup... I love big boaty sedans, or big boaty two doors. I may look like a granny, but the insurance is a lot cheaper, and bragging rights because I can easily park my car, while some doofus with a neon takes up two spots. Even tho the gas can be a killer, it's a lot cheaper, and you can easily get a great value. Plus they are safer.

      They can be "sporty" you just have to understand your car's handling very well. And fast... just drive it rough. I drive my car rough, and still works.
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        Hey David, let's say someone still has his temps, can he still get auto insurance
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          Quote by Zybex
          Looks like your American/Aussie insurance is almost as bad as here in the UK.
          Six years ago at 19 I would be paying probably around £1000 ($1,901.14 US) for a ten year old 1.2 clio, so you are not doing too bad.
          I am currently paying £400 p/a ($760.45 US) fully comp for mine at the moment and that is at age 25 with my no claims maxed out. Not bad considering it isn't a bimbo box and that I am relatively young I suppose.

          True, and the gas prices in the UK make the Yank/Aussie prices look insiginfigant in comparison.
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            I drive a cardboard box with the wheels from my old trykie attached. That sucker can really mow down the old folks.
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