Thread: what was your #1 most treasured possesion as a child

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    my action fig'rs of course. i was pissed when i found that they were being sold in a yard sale after having them for a few years. i want my tmnt figures back!!!
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      I would have to say a Spiderman pajama jumpsuit I had from the time I was about 3 until I was 12yrs old. Even though I stopped wearing them at the age of 8 I still had them in my closet until I was 12.
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        I had a stuffed dog. Its grey with black ears.

        I loved this thing so much. My grandpa got it for mein CA, and I became so attatched to it. I remember I lost it a few times, so my parents had to get me a new one. My grandpa was going back to California and happened to find it again, the last one, and got it for me.

        I wouldn't sleep without it, no other toy made me happy.

        I still have it to this day. I should post a picture.
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          my stuffed animal to cuddle when I sleep at night as a kid and my TMNT collection since at age 8 in '90 to 12 in '94.
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            i had a stuffed snow man. it was so soft. i don't know what happened to it. i loved that snow man.
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              My Steve Austin/Six Million Dollar Man doll.It went everywhere with me.I think i still have a pic that my mom took.I was sitting in the barber's chair getting a haircut and in my hands was Steve Austin.
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                Definitley my blanket. it is still here, but in one of many boxes we have of old stuff around here.
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                  My most prized possession...It'd have to be Claire Bear(named Claire after me), my stuffed Boyd's Bear that my aunt gave me as a present when I was little. I'd take that bear everywhere, sleep with it every night...that bear went through a lot of abuse from my dogs XD. I can't remember how many times its head was chewed off by two of my dogs, and then my mom would have to sew it back on. I still have Claire Bear...she's sitting on my drawer in my bedroom. She kind of creeps my one friend out, because my mom accidentally sewed her head on sideways and she doesn't face frontwards...but I still love her.
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