Thread: Products you wished would comeback to grocery store shelves?

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    anyone remember Mini Pop-Tarts? i wish they would come back! i remember getting a pack in Kids R Us when i was younger!!
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      Quote by Caps_2.0
      I really enjoyed Vanilla Coke. I would regularly drink it during my first year or two at Wal-Mart, but then it disappeared. It's a shame, really...It really tasted good.

      Oh, and I wish they would restart the Orange Julius chain. I don't know what happened to it, or if there are even outlets still out there. They used to have one at Six Flags Great Adventure, but it closed down.

      orange julius is definetly still out there, I frieken love those. but it sucks they dont have them in your area
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        • 9 years 23 days ago
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        Quote by brittlc
        Quote by KittenFangs
        Let's see...Disney Mickey Mouse ice creams, potato air crisps (I think they were by Keebler) old fashion fruit roll-ups that were all bumpy and thick, microwave s-mores. And these one fruit snacks that I can't remember what they were called but they were delicious. They were like softer gummi on the outside and gel on the inside. I wish I knew what they were called...

        Gushers fruit snacks, perhaps?

        I'd love to have those Cheetos Paws! They were my fav.

        No, they weren't Gushers, they were tube shaped...the outside did have that texture though. But the inside was stiff. You could nibble off the outside and be left with a little stick of gel. I think that was part of why I liked them. They fit my meticulous anal retentive personality...
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          Quote by Sunni

          Mountain Dew Pitch Black
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            I wouldn't mind getting fat off of those damn Turtle Pies. I wasn't able to get my share of high cholesterol from them for to long since they discontinued a little while after I discovered them...
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              Just thought of another one: Golden Grahms treats
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                • 9 years 20 days ago
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                Hershey's Bar-None candy bar even though it wasn't popular I liked it.

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                  Ecto Cooler, Surge, Sonic The Hedgehog Spaghettio's, Spider-Man cereal (basically Rice Chex with Marshmallows), Mountain Dew Live Wire and Pitch Black (That stuff was the shit!! It fizzed blue when you dropped ice in it...).
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                    Quote by siftersifting
                    Quote by keerjeerclacko
                    Ok, some of these aren't food they stock but rather purchased food in general that I miss.

                    MCdonalds Pizza (I can't believe I'm the only one that missed this)

                    That sounds amazing.

                    Searched "mcdonalds pizza" in google images and this came up:
                    man i dont know if thats what your talking about,but i would eat that in 2 seconds!

                    I remember when McDonald's had pizza for a short while. I thought it was such a weird concept and I never tried it. That pizza in the picture looks insane!! It has to be at least 3,000 calories!! I bet its tasty though.
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                      Quote by lorax
                      *Mr. Tib's Pretzel Chips
                      *3D Doritos
                      *Those dinosaur eggs with the goo in them, they were delicious (can't for the life of me remember their name)

                      I think those Dinosaur eggs were Brach's Rocks.

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                        Dunkin' Donuts
                        O.K.'s (and O.J.'s)
                        Pink Panther
                        Banana Frosted Flakes
                        Berry Berry Kix
                        Oreo O's
                        Hunny B's (with the graham-cracker bear shapes)

                        SOFT DRINKS:
                        Pepsi's Wild Bunch
                        Pepsi Crystal
                        Pepsi Blue
                        Slice (and variations)
                        Mr. Pibb (original 1972 version)

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                          Liquid Plum'r with the main active ingredient being hydrochloric acid.
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                            The Por-stars cereal and another cereal that I can't remember the name of but I do remember the commercial. Two children are sitting at a table and one of them pours cereal from a box and a stampede of animals goes through the room. The last animal to come through is a monkey and it climbs onto a char and pours some milk into the girls cereal and then it leaves the room. I remember that there was an animal in the cereal that was pink because it was an endangered aniaml. I think it was a panda bear. Garfield ravioli, Kraft dinner shaped like cartoon characters, these weird ice cream tubes we had once. I remember getting them they were like those popsicle ones but the stuff inside of them was soft like sherbert. We only got them once and I remember they had garfield on them.
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                              Quote by jake51487
                              Pop Secret Pop Qwiz, always used to stare at the microwave and guess what color it would be. Also Cinnamon Mini Buns Cereal, no other future product of cinnamon mini buns came close.

                              Thank you!!!!!! I loved this stuff!! I was just telling my students about this the other day...they laughed at me. I also really miss plain Ritz Bitz... I emailed the company... no response. I do not miss Jello Pops because I just ate one.
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                                That Green And Purple Ketchup.
                                I Used To Think That Stuff Was Amazing.
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                                  I miss Dunk-a-roos and Frankenberry cereal. Also that Goobers peanut butter and jelly in the same jar! I totally forgot about the Pop Secret Pop Quiz!! That too!
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                                    Who wants OreoO's?

                                    I eat them in Korea sometimes

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