Thread: Favorite book from the 80's 90's

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    Quote by Jason43
    It took 14 posts before anyone mentioned Coose Your Own Adventure books. Shame shame

    Actually, Jason, I mentioned CYA in the third post of this thread. It's still shameful that it took three posts for it to come up, though.
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      er...well someone mentioned The Chronicels of Pyrdain...I read those, and I read Dragonlance too. Would it suprise any of you to know I was also in the Dungeons and Dragons club in grades 5 and 6: 1990-1992?
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        Quote by NASAfreak
        Anybody remember the book about a school, there were two I believe. The only things I rememeber was that there was an adult name Louis and there was no 12th floor. The chapter about the 12th floor only said "There is no twelth floor. There is no Mrs. so-and-so. Sorry." And that was the whole chapter. In the second book someone accidently discovers the 12th floor. Cool book, anyway.

        Oh my god, I totally remember reading these books.

        Wayside School is Falling Down

        Sideways Stories from Wayside School
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          On library day back in gradeschool, all the kids would scramble to get the Scary Stories books by Alvin Swartz. The stories were scary for little kids, and I'm still awed by the illustrations.

          I saw a complete set of these books about a year ago and bought them in a heartbeat. I suggest you look them up.
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            My favorites were all the Ramona Quimby books, anything by Judy Bloom, Sweet Valley High, and Babysitter's Club.
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              Mine were definately the Goosebumps books, I have the entire first series and the pick your own adventure books

              AND that club! Man I signed up for that stupid thing every year! I still have one of those skeleton pens hanging on my desk though.

              I'm not even sure if I read them all but I read a lot of them
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                Quote by Mathematika
                Any ladies ever read "Are you there God, it's me Margaret" to help survive *gasp* puberty?
                That's the book I was thinking of when I made my post about "every-day girl problems"! lol

                I so loved that book! Especially since I, as a girl, could relate to it in some way. ^_^
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                  "Frog and Toad are Friends."

                  Hell yeah.
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                    I was (and still am) a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan. I have read her entire Little House series over and over again. My favorite book is her Farmer Boy. It is really great. I have probably read it 50 times and I'm still not bored with it.

                    A few other favs are:

                    Mr Bell's Fix-It shop (A little golden book)
                    Fantastic Mr. Fox (Roald Dahl)
                    Norman Rockwell book--It was this anniversary book my mom had that had these huge full color pictures of Norman Rockwell paintings. I could look through that book for hours when I was little
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                      My favorites were Nancy Drew, R.L. Stine's Goosebumps and later Fear Street series, Joan Lowery Nixon's mysteries, the Babysitter's Club, and books by Lurlene McDaniel. I read a lot of that stuff to this day, especially the Joan Lowery Nixon mysteries and Fear Street!
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                        Goosebumps (who DIDNT read these?!)
                        Ramona (and any other books written by her, especially those about Henry and his dog, whose name JUST jumped outta my head... my gramma would read these to me)
                        Tales Of A 4th Grade Nothing and Superfudge
                        The Berenstien Bears
                        Little Critter
                        Cordoroy Bear(sp?)
                        Charley & The Chocolate Factory
                        Mrs. Piggly Wiggly(i CANT believe no one has mentioned her... how i longed to live on her street...)
                        Scary Stories
                        Super Weasel(anyone else read this book? i thought that was what it was called, but upon further investigation, i cant find it! it was about a boy who wanted to stop a big factory's pollution, so he dressed up in a home made super hero costume, and he and his friends try to stop the pollution)
                        The Hachet series(cant believe no one has mentioned these either)
                        anything by Beatrice Potter, if i havent mentioned or quoted someone on these already... we had quite a few of those little green books...
                        The King Who Rained
                        A Chocolate Moose For Dinner
                        If You Give Mouse A Cookie(didnt like if you give a moose a muffin...)
                        The New Kid On The Block(did anyone else read this book? possibly the most popular book at my school, all because of the poem "Homework"...)
                        Arthur(HELLOOOOO PEOPLE!)
                        Who Knew There'd Be Ghosts?!
                        Sam The Detective Cat (or something like that... one of the funniest books i ever read as a kid)
                        The Little Engine That Could
                        Babar(cmon guys!)

                        Quote by chaoszerg
                        Quote by skaterboy572
                        the goosebumps books were really good.. and tv show was even better!.. anybody else remember the tv show?

                        still comes on tv. but i think Eerie, Indiana was better...


                        Quote by Daniel85

                        Aaand of course, who could forget Choose Your Own Adventure?!

                        i loved these things... although, i must admit, i did cheat quite often...

                        Quote by Serpndepity

                        archie comic books
                        light in the attic/where the side walk ends who could 4get those:o)
                        the velvetin rabbit was my favorite bookk as a child i still have the copy i got when i was like 3
                        where the wild things are
                        disney classics
                        cronicles of narnia
                        brian jaqus(i know i spelt that wrong) the books about mice and what not those were great.

                        im so glad someone mentioned Brian Jaques and the Redwall series! these are incredible! i have them all, and i have 2 other books he wrote called Castaways of the Flying Dutchman and Angel's Command... i HIGHLY recommend these...

                        Quote by Serpndepity
                        does any one recall a book or a set of books that had a title like myserys mr brown encylopedia? ok i know that sounds sketchy but i think all those words are in the title. it takes place in a museum or maby a libary, theres a lil boy and girl thats all i can rember

                        i believe you are refering to Encyclopedia Brown... awesome stuff! i wasnt alowed to watch the tv show because he would always say "Bitchin!"

                        Quote by Mathematika

                        i loved this book! but theyve changed the cover!

                        Quote by Ray
                        "Frog and Toad are Friends."

                        Hell yeah.

                        double that

                        Quote by michiganer
                        I was (and still am) a huge Laura Ingalls Wilder fan...
                        Fantastic Mr. Fox (Roald Dahl)
                        Norman Rockwell book--It was this anniversary book my mom had that had these huge full color pictures of Norman Rockwell paintings. I could look through that book for hours when I was little

                        ha! my mom has all of Mrs Wilder's books, and would read them to me and my sisters all the time AND she has 3 or 4 books of Norman Rockwell's art... one of my favorite things to do was to go through her REALLY big book...

                        i could go on and on...
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                          Bearenstein Bears
                          Little Women (i read this book in like '98-99, and only got about half way through, cookie as to guess why I started reading it, hint: it involves the N64 Zeldas)

                          That's about it.
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                            although i never read it i remember it being read to me in Elementary school

                            Half Magic

                            it was about these kids who get a coin with a hole in it and they wish on it. it only grant the wish half way so they have to make twice the wishes so it will come out right.

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                              I read pretty much the whole Xanth series. A spell for chameleon was great and the next 4 in the series were reli good too. I havent read the latest one cuz its too cheesy now that I'm older. Choose your own adventure books were some of my faves as well. And Tolben's Spirit Guide, cuz it was used in the real Ghostbusters a lot.
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                                Sweet Valley High/University (Elizabeth was my fave)
                                The Babysitters' Club (Claudia was my fave)
                                Nancy Drew
                                Forever and other Judy Blume works
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                                  I used to read Babysitters Club. ops:

                                  But I think my two favorite books back then were The Doll In the Garden and Stonewords. They were both ghost stories and I used to read them all the time when I was in elementary school. I wish I could find these books again just for old times' sake.
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                                    The books I read as a kid are

                                    Baby-Sitters Club
                                    The Fudge Books (Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, SuperFudge etc)
                                    The Ramona Books
                                    SideWays Stories From Wayside School
                                    and more I can't think of.
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