Thread: Best 90s Nickelodeon Cartoon

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    • 12 years 6 months ago
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    I didn't include Nick Jr cartoons, or cartoons that were shown on Nick but not actually created by Nick.

    I probably missed some, but I was really only concerned with the more popular ones.

    I chose Rugrats, by the way, but I love them all.
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      I love the Rugrats, Hey Arnold, Aaaah! Real Monsters but my top 3 are:
      3. Ren and Stimpy - quite possibly the most disgustingly hilarious cartoon ever. Remember the Lummix?
      2. Rocko's Modern Life
      1. Doug.

      I easily couldve gone with Rocko as my favorite but thats an easy choice since a lot of people love that show. But Doug actually did something cartoons didnt do and that was teach lessons. Here was Doug, this 12 year old who has problems fitting in, dealing with bullies, social problems, and basic stuff that a lot of people went through when we were young. And Doug, which obviously was a cartoon, had a more realistic school atmosphere than most crappy kids shows like Lizze Mcguire and Thats so raven or Romeo where all kids are looking for dates no matter how old they are. I felt Doug was underrated even tho I know a lot of people who love that show.

      Plus there were great characters like Skeeter, Mr Dink, Porkchop, The Beets, and his alter egos Quailman, Race Canyon, and Smash Adams.
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        • 12 years 6 months ago
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        Oh I liked Doug! I felt that even at age 11 I could relate to his sister Judy, and a little bit to Skeeter. Doug and Ren and Stimpy tie for fave. I love the little pledge R&S made you repeat when they took you into their secret lair:

        "I (insert name) do hereby promise only to watch the Ren and Stimpy show....heeheehee, to make underarm noises, during the good scenes, to eat olive loaf...TILL I PUKE!"

        Oh yea...good times. What goes downstairs, comes over in pairs, runs over your neighbours dog?
        What's good for a snack, and fits on your back? It's LOG LOG LOGGG!
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          Quote by Eric
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            Ren & Stimpy by far!

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                rocko's modern life is definitely my favorite.. but i love doug because me and my dad used to watch it together and it was a great show.. sometimes for laughs with my friends i yello out kalookookoo. and they all remember that it was Doug's neematoad call
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                  it was a hard choice between Invader Zim, Rockos Modern life, Doug and Ren and Stimpy, but over all I cholse Rocko. That show was awesome!
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                    Damn thats a close one, but I think Rocko's Modern Life beats Ren & Stimpy, its a tough choice though.
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                      I never watched Rocko, it was that good huh? Well since I never saw it my vote goes to Ren and Stimpy.
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                        • 12 years 6 days ago
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                        Rocko's modern life!
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                          Hey! Where's Catdog?
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                            I voted for Ren and Stimpy, it was bizarre, at times grotesque and up to that point, the most original television show next to PeeWee's Playhouse. The rest of those shows were a bit too childish for an at the time highschooler like me.
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                              Angry Beavers, you Spooty-Spoot-spoothead!
                              And now for something completely different................
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                                I loved Aahhh Real Monsters And doug was a good Show also but I also liked
                                Are you Afraid of the Dark? I would Vote for Inspector Gadget. It was a great show
                                Ohh Yeah!!!
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                                  I loved Doug. Doug was the best. I hated it when Disney tookover and totally changed the characters.
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                                    • 12 years 5 days ago
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                                    if zim counted,it would get my vote.but it goes to doug,with kablam at second,and ren and stimpy at close third
                                      • 12 years 4 days ago
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                                      3. Doug
                                      2. Ren and Stimpy
                                      1. Rocko's modern life
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