Thread: Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny

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    • 10 years 28 days ago
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    O about when I was 7 andI had heard everyone of my friends tell me how exactly their parents did it.

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      The song "He sees you when you're sleeping, he knows when you're awake, He knows if you've been bad or good, So be good for goodness sake" always made me wonder if he was just a kindly old elf or a CIA spook. And plus I also learned that ther was no such thing as God, and only Buddha existed.
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        I was raised on the truth.
        Which made Kindergarden really annoying.
        I was like, you people are all stupid. XD
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          • 10 years 27 days ago
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          I believed in him till I was eight, i kinda caught on...
          I sorta questioned him, like i asked myself, how the hell can you be in 2 places at once (Cuz i went to 2 malls and saw santa twice)...stuff like that!

          but i didn't really care much for santa, being a greedy spoiled kid, i just wanted my f-ing presents!

          as for the rest, they didn't matter unless they gave me a present... cept for the toothfairy, i kinda hated her, i think she ripped every kid off!!
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            • 10 years 27 days ago
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            I found out "the truth" at nine. My schoolmates were telling me there were no santa clauses and my parents verified it. I remember sitting before them in the living room, as if I were a witness in a court. There's never been an easter bunny belief here in Iceland, and that tooth fairy thing was just an individual thing of mine - I got about fifty kronurs (the local money unit) once, but the 'belief' didn't last long.

            I said 'Santa clauses' in the last paragraph, yes, 'cause here in Iceland, we have thirteen of them! But none are that nice; they steal your food, peek in through your windows, slam doors, lick from pots and snatch your candles to name just a few examples. They give presents, though. For the last one, for they come in succession thirteen nights before Christmas, you must leave a candle in your shoe (children leave shoes in their windows for the santas) in order to get a present - and from him you usually get your fanciest ones. They are commonly called the 'yule lads'.
            Not really relevant here, I just thought I'd mention it. :oops:
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              I remember back when I was 7 I believed in the Easter Bunny because when I woke up on Easter morning, I heard something go out my door (which was my dad). Later when my and my brother went easter egg hunting, one of the eggs had a note that told me to follow it's directions which led to a chocolate easter bunny. It told me to look in my Lego box (which i played with before i egg hunted) and there it was, sitting in my Lego box. I asked my dad how it got there if it wasn't there earlier and he said the Easter Bunny must have came while I was easter egg hunting and i wansn't watching.

              Of course now i was told that he isn't real.

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                • 10 years 4 days ago
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                I dunno how old I was when I found out about Santa/St. Nicholas. Probably 6? Maybe 7? I dunno. It wasn't traumatic or anything, I remember that much.
                I don't think I ever really believed in the Easter bunny. We're Ukrainian, so he never "came to visit". The idea of a giant bunny leaving chocolate eggs around always seemed a little far-fetched, I suppose.
                I didn't do the tooth fairy thing. I kept all of my teeth.
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                  Easter bunny - I don't remember ever believing or even thinking that I was supposed to believe there was an actual bunny hiding the eggs. I remember always telling my parents to make it harder next year.

                  Tooth Fairy - I was about 8 and I wanted to prove that the tooth fairy wasn't real so I stayed awake but pretended to be asleep. I remember my parents in the doorway whispering to each other about whether I was really asleep. Then I burst out laughing. But I still found money under my pillow the next morning. My parents still wouldn't admit to it even though I had caught them red handed.

                  Santa - I don't remember finding out about Santa - but I remember my family trying to convince me that it was true. They had explanations for all my proof that he wasn't real. It was a bit annoying. I was about 8.
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                    I stopped believing in the tooth fairy first because my parents couldn't even stick to the "story". They only gave me one friggin quarter per tooth..and now the going rate is like $1! And half the time they didn't even give me the quarter or they'd give a quarter and leave the tooth! LOL

                    The Easter bunny...well I can recall believing a 6ft bunny leaving behind a basket...but it just seemed far he was next. Santa..I was a nosey kid and always trying to catch a glimpse of him. I caught my dad putting together my sister's She-Ra castle on X-Mas Eve and that was it! LOL But also we had a fake fireplace that i new Santa couldn't come down and when I sat out milk and cookies...*Santa* didn't even eat them. So much for going by the book!
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                        there was this girl at school who got bullied for beliving in santa, it was when i was in year 7 at school so we were about 12.

                        i think i stopped beliving in him when i was 8
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                          I knew they were pretty much fake around the time I was 7. But I started to think more logically when I was 9, so that's when I really "found out the truth".
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                            when i was in 3rd grade i remember a bunch of kids saying that they didn't believe in Santa, and i told them that i didn't believe either (because i wanted to be cool) and i rmember feeling really bad about it. i didn't want santa to find out and be mad at me.
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                              Now THAT'S an evil bunny.

                              F@#kin classy.
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                                Quote by Old
                                Now THAT'S an evil bunny.

                                Thats FREAKKKKKKKY!
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                                  When I was 7 and noticed Santa and my dad had the same handwriting. It didn't bother me much, I still got cool presents, money for loose teeth and candy on easter. No harm done.
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                                    I don't really remember how old i was for any of them, i just remember the clever way my parents did the presents. If it was wrapped, it was from them, and if it wasn't wrapped it was from santa, because he's to busy to wrap gifts. It cut down on their present wrapping time and gave me a plausible story as a small kid.

                                    I remeber the Tooth Fairy getting exposed because my brother complained that she only left him quarters when he was growing up and she left me dollars. My dad told him inflation, which i didn't know what it meant, but made me suspicious.
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                                      Santa........I think I was around 11. But I had to keep my mouth quiet around my sister who still believed.
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                                        No santa, jesus, tooth fairy or easter bunny for me, but for some strange reason I always felt that xmas had something special missing in the rest of the year.
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