Thread: Best Wrestler of the 80's/90's

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    Andre the Giant was just too cool for me not to vote for him so he got mine!

    Never watched much pro wrestling but I do remember him, especially from the movie Princess Bride!
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      Vader always impressed me with his moonsault. But I must say that the "Nature Boy" got my vote. WOOOOOH! WOOOOH!
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        I loved Andre the Giant. He def gets my vote.

        But remember Dusty Roads? And the guy that did 'the chicken wing'? oo and The Bushwackers, and Oink Doink and whoever else was with them? lol
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          ok- I voted for Hogan simply because there were about a dozen people left off the list- but let's see if these names jog anyone's memory.

          Papa Shango (he's the reason I didn't vote for the Ultimate Warrior! Papa Shango clearly won their ongoing feud... Shango, who has since become the WWE's Godfather, took on the persona of a witch doctor and used to make some sort of black fluid run down the Ultimate Warrior's face during interviews. Shango also was remembered because when he won a match against some unknown wrestler, the lights in the arena would go off, and when they came back on, the jobber wrestler would be laying on the mat unconscious with his boots on fire!)

          Tatanka (the real native American wrestler who danced around the ring in circles with a tomahawk and chanted war cries)
          Lex Luger
          Big Bossman (anyone remember his feud with Nailz, the guy who was dressed in a prison inmate costume?)
          Koko BWare (his parrot was friggin awesome)
          Virgil (a black guy in striped pants?)
          Krush (the 7 foot tall Hawaiin freak?)
          Razor Ramon
          Repo Man (who's persona was tough talking repossession salesman)
          Atom Bomb (didn't he become Kevin Nash?)
          Earthquake and Typhoon (The Natural Disasters)
          The Mountie (perhaps the absolute BEST WWF persona EVER)
          The Heavenly Bodies (some tag team)
          Marty Jannetty (the fastest wrestler of his time, partner to Shawn Michaels in the Rockers)
          Luna and Bam Bam Bigelow

          I guess that's all I can remember for now... hopefully some more will come to me soon.

          ahh but for my real vote... now I don't know much about his history before this event, but my vote for favorite wrestler ever has to go to the 1-2-3 Kid. He eventually became X-Pac who I still love, but when he was the 1-2-3 Kid he did something I'd never seen anyone do. One night he beat Razor Ramon, and it started a feud between them. I just remember being absolutely shocked because the 1-2-3 Kid was a jobber, and he beat this amazingly talented superstar. Arguably, because of his quickness and technical skills, I'd call him the first accomplished cruiserweight wrestler. 1-2-3 Kid forever!
          AWWWWW What a rush!!!
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            Quote by MrGOP
            I didnt put him on there cuz it wouldnt have been a contest if I had. Everyone knows hes the "Showstoppa". Everyone knows he is the greatest wreslter of all time. End of Story. So I had to put people on there that would get a variety of votes.

            Actually everyone doesn't know that . Michaels was good, but rather overrated in my opinion when it comes to pure wrestling ability. It seemed more like his charismatic performances and attitude were what really got the most attention. Still a good wrestler though, but I certainly recall people, including his partner Marty Jannetty (whom I know he just had a touching tag-team reunion with) giving him a run for his money and beating him one on one.

            My picks:

            '80s -- Hulkster
            '90s -- Hart
            Now -- Benoit (in the late '90s too)

            Quote by MrGOP
            Sting most likely will go to TNA over WWE because of his Christian Beliefs, WWE is trashy and filled with sex, where TNA is not as bad.

            Agreed. I think he actually did show up there briefly. I think he should simply retire though. He certainly was one of my favorites back in the day.

            Animal Died from LOD

            It was actually Hawk. It's really sad how so many wrestlers and people related to the business have passed away in recent years.
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              Geez, no one mentioned Jake "The Snake" Roberts or "Ravishing" Rick Rude. Or, how about Steve Austin when he was nicknamed "Stunning" instead of "Stonecold"?
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                Let's see if I can remember some others

                The Iron Sheik

                Ricky"The Dragon" Steamboat

                Big John Stud

                Jake "The Snake" Roberts

                King Kong Bundy

                George "The Animal" Steele

                Nikolai Volkoff

                The Honky Tonk Man


                Jim "The Anvil" Nighthart

                The Islanders

                The King Harley Race

                An after thought here but does anyone else remember when Hulk Hogan showed up on the tv show The A-Team
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                  Diesel a.k.a. Kevin Nash... what was the name of the chick that hung out with him? does anyone remember the Model Rick Martel? he was probably the first ambiguously gay wrestler, always had that perfume bottle with the little squeeze pump that he'd press and give the opponent a face-full of apparently blinding perfume
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                    ^ "Arrogance!"
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                      was that the name of the perfume? good memory dude
                      AWWWWW What a rush!!!
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                        Jake "The Snake" Roberts. I think that was his last name.
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                          Of that list, I chose Roddy Piper, but my favourite wrestler was Paul "Mr. Wonderful" Orndorff. He was a great wrestler. No gimmicks, no fancy makeup or clothes, just a man and his piledriver
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                            It's Ric Flair bar none. Hogan is maybe the most influential wrestler of all time but Flair is the greatest wrestler of all time.
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