Thread: What are my Turtles worth?

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    At one point or another I had just about ever Ninja Turtles figure in my childhood. Yes, they are all opened and for some of them I don't even have all the weapons.

    However, none of them are broken.

    Is there a place I can look up the value of specific Turtles?

    I have the first generation figure of Slash (with the purple-ish weapons) and I heard he can fetch over $100 depending on where you look.
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      The rarest version of Slash is the bright yellow belly w/ purple S on belt. Loose and complete you might get about $25. You might get over $60 for one still on the card.

      In general "loose" Ninja Turtles go for cheap now days. Most collectors are looking for unopened figures or at least complete ones. If you really want to get a good price for your lot, sell it together.
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        Some figures from the first series are worth a few more bucks than the comman variants (the 1st release of the 4 turtles). There were also a few from later in the line that are worth more like the foredog Hotspot and the cat Scratch.
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          take a pic of your turtles all together, maybe I will buy them from you?
          let's see what you have.
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            yea most retro toys unless big motion picture stuff like starwars, is pretty much worthless opened much less in non mint condition
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