Thread: Thundercats toys for Sale or Trade

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    1. Mutant Attack Vehicle (Complete)
    2. Lair Ladder
    (If there is another piece you need, ask, i might be able to part with it, Tis the season)
    I also have a boxed Mummras Tomb Fortress and a American carded Liono, but i dont know if I will get rid of these yet unless the price is right(BTW they are in very good condition). Also, I have Jaga that is the best shape ive seen a Thundercat figure in, his cape is still attached, he just doesn' have his helmet and sword. Im keeping those for my Jaga. If any interest please email me with how much your willing to purchase for these items., and I will let you know what i think.
    Also, if your interested in trading. Im looking for these pieces of Thundercats memorabilia.
    1. Thundertank-loose and complete
    2. Sword of Omens(Light up) Battery Cap- My sword doesnt light up
    3. A companions Snarf, not pvc.-loose
    4. Companions Kat-loose, doesnt have to be complete
    5. Lynxo-loose, doesnt have to be complete
    6. Pumyra-loose, doesnt have to be complete
    7.Safari Joe- loose,doesnt have to be complete
    8. Captain Cracker- loose,doesnt have to be complete
    9. Ma-mutt
    10. Any Ro-bear Berbils
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      Is this still going on? Because I am interested
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