Thread: Wrestling WWF, WCW, ECW, etc tapes 4sale Vintage 80's-90's

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    I'm selling my collection of Wrestling tapes to anyone who wants them. Tapes are my master tapes and quality varies but I have some RARE footage.

    Tapes are $5.00 each + shipping but I'll cut a deal if you want more than 1 tape. I'll accept Paypal and Money Orders.

    I'm not into wrestling anymore and these are just taking up space. I'll be moving soon and would like to get rid of them before that.

    These are first come first serve and again they are my masters so once they're gone, they're gone.

    Anyone interested email me at: jayburks (@) hotmail (dot) com

    Here's the list:

    Superstars 1/23/88 - 3/5/88

    Superstars 3/19/88 - 5/7/88

    Superstars 5/14/88 - 7/21/88

    Superstars 7/9/88 - 8/20/88

    Superstars Compilation

    WWF 80's Compilation

    WWF Madison Square Garden 80's Footage + Saturday Night's Main Event

    Prime Time Wrestling 9/2/92 - 1-/5/92

    Prime Time Wrestling 4/15/91, 4/29/91

    Saturday Night's Main Event 1/89, 2/89, 3/89, 5/89, 7/89

    Best of Rowdy Piper (Pre-WWF quality varies)

    TNT 11/85, 4/86, 7/85, 10/85, 3/86

    Memphis Wrestling early 80's

    Piper's Greatest Hits

    Before they were stars Volume 1 (Not WWF release)

    Before they were stars Volume 2 (Not WWF release)

    Best of WWF Workers

    Tammy, Tammy, Tammy (Sunny pre-WWF)

    Royal Rumble 1992 + Free For All

    Summerslam 1993

    Summerslam 1996 w/free for all

    Survivor Series 1996

    KOTR 1996

    KOTR 1998

    Royal Rumble 1997

    Wrestlemania 8 + Free For All

    In Your House - Good Friends Better Enemies

    In Your House - Fully Loaded (First one)

    In Your House - Mind Games

    In Your House - Revenge of the Taker

    Unforgiven (First one) + Confirmed Hits

    Canadian Stampede + International Incident + Superstar Steve Austin

    Raw is War 5/25/98 + In Your House - Over the Edge

    ECW - the Doctor is in

    ECW - Born to be Wired

    The Best of Sting in Japan

    Shawn Michaels Comp - Includes Early footage when he was a jobber.

    Early WCW footage

    WCW Clash of the Champions 1/18/92

    Japan Hardcore Comp

    ESW Exposing the Business

    OVW TV shows 2000
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      Hope you got my email. I really need a few of those tapes....

      I'd even take copies from whoever does buy them...
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        I'll take that Born to be wired

        post your e-mail
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          Hello I'm looking for classic late 70's & 80's wrestling from All-star Wrestling, NWA, AWA and early WWWF. Anyone got any for sell ???
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            Daym I would take all of those ('sept WCW) My dad loves Wrestling and he's really into wwf classics and my brother and I love ECW. What do you still have and what kind of deal can you do if we want A LOT of them?
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