Thread: Dragon Quest VIII... pretty sweet RPG.

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    Its new, but if you're a fan of the older, classic RPGs, its highly likely your love this game. It's still fantastic, it just plays like a classic RPG as opposed to the newer style that have more flash and features as opposed to story and character IMO. I always liked Dragon Quest games for staying close to its roots although the story is also kinda old-fashioned, meaning that it's not all that original or surprising, but the rest is so well done, that it doesn't even matter. If you love old school RPGs, buy this game.
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      dam been wanting to get that but my dad has not gave me my money back and a their hasnet been a original story in a rpg in a long time
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        Heh, sorry, I just live in the American South, and every time I see the commercial for 8, I can only think of one thing. "Its already taken over Japan!" Weeds grow all over japan. "Now its coming here!" More weeds growing all over everything.

        Great, its a whole game about... KUDZU!!!
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          i always liked the police quest series also.. i wish they would make a new one of those.
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