Thread: Desperatly Searching for a Muppet Ep-10 Casio...

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    When I was little I had the pastel teal blue muppet keyboard, an EP-10 Casio, with Kermit the frog on the right hand side. I annoyed my parents so much with that, and I was heartbroken when it finally died. I'm trying to find a WORKING one so bad, I've looked on Ebay, google, everywhere i can think of--this may be my last chance! If anyone out there has one and would consider selling it, or knows of a place where I might find one, PLEASE let me know asap!!! Post on here, send a PM, or email @ [email][email protected][/email]. Thank you!!!

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      Those dudes get tons of retro junk in daily. The store looks awesome! jam packed with goodies.
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