Thread: The NES' twin, NASA, and grey cartridges

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    Anyone heard of this gaming console that looks identical to the Nintendo but is called 'NASA'? I remember one from my mate's place and we were both under the impression that these grey NES carts were for that machine, though they worked on the NES. Were we wrong? Are those cartridges just ripped versions from Japan? I remember playing a lot of those grey cartridges (if you've played NES games frequently, you're sure to have come across one of those), and most had this illustration on the upside, of a noble-looking fox or wolf dressed in fancy medieval attire. There was also this short text that sounded fitting for mass-produced games, but I can't remember the words. On the underside there is usually an illustration (usually without a title) that informs you (or not) what the game in question is.

    I have three of these carts; one called '82 in 1' (while it's actually 73), "Simpsons: Bart vs. the world" and "Teenage mutant ninja turtles II" (which, unless you're the intuitive sort, you would never guess from looking at the cartridge). Anyone remember these grey carts, or the NASA? What was this NASA thing? I never knew, and I never asked my mate.
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      Sounds like pirated stuff to me. There were (and are) a lot of NES "clone" systems in Japan and Europe that went by a number of names.
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        Hell, Ben heck took the infamous pirate NOAC (NES On A Chip) system and made a portable Nintendo.

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