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    I wish I had a bag of neverending rainbows so I could kill people with joy!

    I also wishI could fly ... so when I opened my bag of rainbows, I could make it look like I was flying on a rainbow.

    Then I wish I had an endless supply of Skittles, just so I could make people taste the rainbow.

    If they don't like it, BAM, they're dead.

    ROFL!!! Yes thats the perfect idea.....

    I am so random ... only me and a few others could think of something like that.


    I also want the power to sort through messes, and make them, with a snap of meh fingah. Then my room would be clean!

    Let's see, there is a path to my bad, my computer, and almost the whole floor is clean. Sound good? Nope. There are piles of everything everywhere...
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