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    You must be refering to Mathnet, which was a part of "Square One TV" a show with math. One of the other segments was Mathman, a math version of Pacman. And yes, I do remember Dr. Fad
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      Dr. Fad was a great show that gave kid inventors the props they deserved. In case you are wodnering, Dr. Fad no longer makes wacky wall walkers. He started a company that sells prescription drugs online.
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        Quote by Phil
        who remembers this? i used to watch this who after school along with some educational show that had cops solving crime with math, i cant remember what that show was.

        I'm not really the one to Instigate, but What did Mathnet have to do with Dr fad?

        Any whoosit, this was a great show to watch on Sat-ams as you call'em now. I'd allways see who would get the fad challange and the invention exchanges. I think the best voting proces was when they used the digi boards to tally up the scores!

        Now where can I find one of them "Sticky Spider Sweaters"?!
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