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    I don't know if anyone else knows about this trick.It is for Halo 2,in Zanzibar, first go up the tower that is somewhat connected to the fan(the one closest to the beach, when you get to the top and reach that platform with the lock on it, be sure to shoot it off so the platform falls. That noise that plays is what this trick is for. The noise will play over and over again, very loud, and very annoying.

    Then get a warthog, Scorpion Tank, or Ghost vehicle and drive into the fan and face forward so that the blades will come at you from behind, this will push you up the fan, try and steer a little to the right so that when the vehicle gets high enough into the air it will fall to the right and onto the platform. If the noise is playing yet and you have a vheicle up there, try driving up the platform and set the vehicle right at the end of the platform. The noise should play over and over again.

    The way this is supposed to be helpful is to annoy your opponets when playing multiplayer, its most effective when you're playing with 8 people and 2 Xboxes, 4 in one room, 4 in another. We took the remote to their tv, and when the Zanzibar level popped up, we took over the top of that tower, got snipers going, and did the noise trick.

    At first you could hear them laughing like "where is that noise coming from?" Then they started to get really annoyed to the point they were screaming. We had our tv muted so we could hear theirs, so if they would mute it, we would whip out the remote we took and unmute and crank the volume as far as it would go.

    Anyone else got any unknown(or not known too well) tricks for Halo or Halo 2, or any stories to share?
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