Thread: The original TMNT cartoon Vs. the 4Kids one

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    Quote by gustogummi
    ^Unless your name is Hiro.

    LOL yeah.
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      • 9 years 25 days ago
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      The original cartoon featured Bebop & Rocksteady so by that rationale the new cartoon needs to GTFO.
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        And Krang.
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          • 9 years 23 days ago
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          I never watched the new one, so I'd have to stick with the originals.
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            The old one.
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              For everyone born in the late 70s-mid 80s, you know the original is the best.
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                The original one is awesome. While I do like the original better than the new one. The new one did have some potential and it actually relates to the comics. I don't really see anything wrong with the new one. At least it didn't have the turtles saying corny lines such as "Help! I'm a turtle and I can't get up" or "Were you expecting, maybe, the Addams Family?"
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                  • 8 years 11 months ago
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                  Definitely the original one.
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                    the 4kids one was umm... decent, but how they pulled off on starting "fast forward" had to be the stupidest way of starting a series...

                    seriously?? if i fight with somebody for a tv remote i'll magically get sent into the future? REALLY?!
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                      Who the fuck will pick the new one? That one was awful.
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                        I'd have to go with the old one,but will check the new one out more.
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                          The 1987 version was better. Even though sometimes it was a little bit corny, I still prefer it over the 2003 version. 2003 version wasn't horrible though. It was decent, but I like the original a lot better.
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                            • 6 years 3 months ago
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                            Depends on your tastes.
                            I'd take the 1987 TMNT series, but the 2003 series was still a decent and serious revamp for the Ninja Turtles.
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                              • 4 years 4 months ago
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                              the original it was funny had some decent action and had better writing hell I like the current nick tmnt better than the foxbox version.
                              the 2003 version I felt took it's self to seriously.
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                                Quote by dmac5297
                                is this even a question?

                                Was going to scroll down to write that exact same thing but now nvm lol

                                Original for life.

                                Although the new one on now (not 2003 one) is pretty darn tootin good! Nickelodeon surprised me
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                                  the original one by a long shot ...
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