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    When was roundhouse on? I don't remember it at all. I remember watching other shows mentioned like 'You cant do that on television', 'todays special' and 'are you afraid of the dark'. Maybe it didn't air in Canada or maybe I didn't get the channel? I remember not having the station that played the mickey mouse club and punky brewster but I got to watch them sometimes at my friends house.
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      Roundhouse was my favorite freakin' show on Snick back in the day. I distinctly remember one skit in which one of the chicks is playing Tonya Harding in the 1994 Olympics, and she's "skating" along and all of a sudden she rushes over to the "judges," lifts her leg, bangs her foot down in front of them and yells/cries: "MY SHOE'S UNTI-HI-HIED!" You really had to see it. I laughed so hard and so loud that my mom came into the room where I was watching TV and asked me what the hell I was laughing at.

      I also remember part of one skit wherein the dad character says at the end of it "We were filthy rich and now we're dirt poor."

      I remember All That, too, although I was on the cusp of being too old to watch Nickelodeon at that point, so I didn't see very many episodes. But I did love "Vital Information."

      Are You Afraid Of the Dark was one of my brother's and my favorite shows. I recently watched the intro on this site and I still have to cover my eyes when the clown appears. Anyway, there are two or three episodes that stick out in my head: The one where this chick finds a red riding jacket in a trunk belonging to ... I think it was her grandmother. Anyway, when she puts it on, I think she's transported to a different time or something, and there's this other girl (I think it's a girl, anyway) who has a fox called Mon Petit Rouge. And there are a s***load of hound dogs and the second chick keeps saying "I have to feed the hounds!"

      In the second one, there was a dollhouse, and I don't remember very many details, but I think the main character is slowly turning into a china doll. This one was especially creepy to me.

      The third one was where a bunch of kids are at a circus or theme park at night and there's this killer, Pennywise-esque clown on the loose. I think one of the kids has to steal his fake red nose or something. Oh, wait, the clown was a statue or something, and when his nose is stolen he comes back to life and chases after the nose-stealing kid until he gives the clown his nose back.
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        Try this link out it holds a surprise.

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