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    Holy crap guys....I just had a recollection about this game! I got this game when I was going to a few garage sales with my family, circa 1980. I found it first, but my cousin Will (who is two years younger than I am) complained that he wanted it my parents made me 'share' the thing with him. I took it home for a week, and then he got it. I never saw it again after that. He had no clue what happened to it, and it's been gone ever since. Anyway, I'm going to buy one on eBay one of these days. Here's a link to what I'm talking about:
    Anybody else remember this thing?

    *EDIT*: Ack, I just noticed I put this in the wrong forum. Can one of you dudes move it to memory lane for me? Thanks in advance.
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      speaking of old toys...two that i hope someone out there can help me on.

      1. 1980's - skateboarder figures who had horrible accidents
      (i.e. skater with a brick wall attached to his face & girl with lamp- post bent in the shape of her body while still attached.)

      2. 1980's - wind-up mini puzzle games. about 6 x 6 inchs.
      (i.e. a black knight with a long sword pointing up, control the knight's sword to move up and down. bats hold rings that the sword must catch.
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        epp! I have the knight game in my basement. there was also a hippo game and some sort of shooting game. i'll see if I can find it and get some info off it for you.
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