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    Remenber how you order them on the phone when you saw them on TV back in the 70's, 80's and 90's that you can not look for them at any store because I'm talking about Suffolk Marketing/Beautiful Music Co. Record Album Commercials when you pay for it with your credit card and of course your check or money order when you buy it on Records, Cassettes and 8 Track Tapes when you order it on TV but I will show all of you the record list:

    The Suffork Marketing/Beautiful Music Co. Record List
    Slim Whitman - All My Best
    Cristy Lane - One Day at a Time
    Burl Ives - The Special Magic
    Burl Ives - The Great Songs of Faith
    O.B. McClinton Volumes 1-2
    Ray Charles - Heart Touching Classics
    Fallin in Love
    The Tender Side of Ray Charles
    Superstar Marvin Gaye
    Irving Fields - 50 Songs You'll Always Love
    Boxcar Willie - 20 All Time Favorites
    Born Again 20 Most Loved Songs of Faith & Inspiration
    Roy Acuff - Songs of Love
    Mitch Miller - 22 Beautiful Memories
    Jim Reeves - His Mellow Magic
    Guy Lomardo - 50 Anniversary Album
    Guy Lomardo - 50 Years, 50 Hits
    Guy Lomardo - Waltz Favorties Volumes 1-2
    The Heart Touching Magic of Jim Nabors
    Kitty Wells - Songs from the Heart
    Noways Tired
    Roger Whittaker - All Time Heart Touching Favorites
    Pavarotti - World Famous Music Treasures
    Pavarotti - Songs the Whole World Loves
    Dean Martin - Heart Touching Treasury
    Dean Martin - Famous Love Songs
    Floyd Cramer - World Famous Love Songs
    Floyd Cramer - Treasury of Favorites
    Richard Clayderman - Music of Love
    50 of the Most Loved Records of Your Life Volumes 1-3
    Connie Francis - Treasury of Love Songs
    Connie Francis - Sentimental Favorites
    Vera Lynn - Her World Famous Great Recordings
    The Platters - 40 Famous Records Collector's Treasury Volumes 1-3
    Teresa Brewer - Heart Touching Love Songs
    Teresa Brewer - Her Famous Golden Hits
    The Ink Spots - Their Famous Original Recordings
    The Miles Brothers - Their Famous Orignal Recordings
    Lenny Dee - Melodies of Love
    Lenny Dee - Treasury of Favorites
    All Time Gospel Favorites Volumes 1-2
    50 World's Most Loved Waltzes Volumes 1-3
    100 World's Most Beautiful Music Treasures Volumes 1-3
    Tennessee Ernie Ford - World's Most Inspsiring Songs of Faith
    Jo Stafford - Love's Sweet Memories
    Jo Stafford - Songs to Remember
    50 Christmas Favorites Volumes 1-2
    Rough Side of the Mountain Volumes 1-2
    Nana Mouskouri - Return to Romance
    50 Romantic Records Volumes 1-3

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      How do I get an address to order these records? e-mail to [email protected] I want to order by check.
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        Hi pianoteacher. I can't email you. Regarding your question, that's about commercials that used to be on television, like the Time/Life collections that are in commercials nowadays.

        You can find this company at beautifulmusiccompany.com and buy music from them. It looks like they don't take checks through the website. But try giving them a call at 631-261-2254 and see if they can accommodate you another way.
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