Thread: Kids born in the early/mid 80s- 80s kids?

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    I was born in 1981, so was a child in the 80s. I have a lot of memories of the 80s therefore yes I consider myself a child of the 80s.
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      Quote by Drahken
      I would consider someone born in the early 80s (up to say 1983)to be an 80s kid, but not one born in the mid-80s. For example, I was born in the mid-70s, but do not consider myself to be a 70s kid.

      Agreed. I was born in '74, but I remember very little about the 70's. The 80's though, I remember VERY well. I'm definitely a child of the 80's.
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        Quote by mlw1984
        This topic has been beaten to death. Does it really matter what decade you were a kid in?
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        lol this topic again,

        five years ago.
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          A lot of topics here have been done to death. I believe in a little thing called "Originality"

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            What people don't realise here, is that you dont have to have a memory of the 80s to be considered an 80's kid--child baby--whatever, if you were born in 1988/1989, then you were an 80s child, you ate 80's food, you visited 80's shops, you breathed 80's air, you pooped 80's poop, and you drove with your parents in 80s cars, none of this will EVER be remembered, but thats not the point, you were an 80's child regardless, i was born in 1975, so i am a mindless 70s child, my old 70's photos will prove it.
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