Thread: Circus Atari for the 2600

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    Any one remember this game? I have found that if you buy the new classic paddle games that are out with classic 2600 games on them they have included this game, I loved this game, any one else remember/love it?
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      yeah I think my brother used to have it when we were little. is it the game with the two little people on both side of the see saw thing and you had to put it under the one that was in the air and catch him or something like that? I don't think I ever played it. I never really used to play atari to much but I used to watch my brother play the games and I remember him playing something like this. I think I vaguely remember the cover for the game too.
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        Yes, it was the see saw thing, and you had to pop the balloons on the top of the screen. I loved that game, I was good I could clear the score 10 times when I was in my prime of the game.
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          i still play this game from time to time on my 2600
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