Thread: News of the 1980s

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    Mr. Pibb is around big time. They have a version out now called Mr. Pibb Xtra that is sold in soda machines here. Cherry coke is still sold in machines as well.
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      I just saw Cherry Coke at my local grocery store...I guess its still got its following, but the damn store wont' stock TAB anymore.

      WHY DAMNIT!? Oh sure they got like 4 rows of MOXIE but no TAB!?
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        i had no idea that they got rid of it.
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          Quote by Luke
          Let's see...

          Cherry Coke: Definately still around....I buy it often.

          Mr. Pibb: Still around...bad Dr. Pepper knockoff...Wendy's serves it here.

          Jolt: I'm pretty sure it's still around...and always has been...still see it in stores now and then.

          Cherry Coke os everywhere where I live and Mr. Pibb is in most smaller resturaunt/fast food places and Wendys.

          But where do you find Jolt!? I havn't seen that in years! I thought it was gone, like Surge! That stuff had enough caffiene in it to give a horse a heart attack!

          I remember the demise of the Challenger and the Chernoble meltdown happening in 1986. Both were big disasters. And wasn't there a hurricane or something that was kind of a big story too?
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            Jesus, I thought I was the only person who knew the horror that is called MOXIE. I think its celery flavored, (and i'm not kidding). I see it alot when i go up to PA.

            Cherry Coke is alive and well in NJ. As is Jolt cola. I love this stuff. The gas station down the street from me actually sells Jolt cola chewing gum. Two pieces of it is equal to 1 cup of coffee.
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              Quote by HeadRusch
              I am pretty sure Mr. Pibb is no longer in production. When I first went to DisneyWorld in like 82 I remember seeing Mr. Pibb...and asking "What the heck is that soda!?". So I tried it, and gagged....course I wasn't much on Dr. Pepper either.

              Speaking of Cherry they still make Cherry Coke?
              I can't get that damn CAMEO jingle out of my the tune of Word Up...Gah, its like a cancer.....

              Mr. Pibb is still in the making...I happen to like it. When I go to Long John Silvers I always get a Mr. Pibb with my chicken and french fries.
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                dear god..I completely forgot about moxie, I can't believe they still make that crap. In the early 80s I lived in northern PA and I remember it was all over. I am in Kansas now and they don't sell it here. They do however sell tons of Mr.pibb and tab. As far as cherry coke, I have a case of that in my fridge so it's still going strong.
                I don't know about you, Miss Kitty, but I feel so much... yummier
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                  how bout this the execution of ted bundy who by the way was done in on my second birthday

                  When I say Zombie u say thread Zombie Thread Zombie Thread


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                    Its amazing how in Robocop people at the time said how over the top sensationlisic the news stories were and unrealistic but having lived through the "future" I can honestely say they didn't go far enough.
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                      Yeah, i saw Mr. Pibb (the soda, not the individual ) at the movie theatre yesterday. And i thought coke still sold new coke as coke II.
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                        Mr.Pibb is still around because I was at Virgina and this soda machine had some so I wanted to give it a try,so I bought it and try it out and almost spit the sh%t out because it tasted like a horrible incarnation of Dr.Pepper and Cherry Coke is also still around,matter of fact, they made a new flavor, Cherry Vanalla Coke
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                          Well I guess this has turned into the soda thread, LOL!

                          Make mine an RC!
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                            Bejing, climaxing at the Tiananmen square demonstration with the guy and the tank.
                            Challenger explosion, remember the Christa McAuliffe jokes?
                            The annoying Iran Contra Affair that was on air in the 80’s like the Simpsons case in the 90’s
                            Liberace dies
                            Live Aid
                            Datson turns into Nissan
                            Hands across America
                            Chernoble disaster
                            Exxon Valdez spill
                            Reagan bombed Khadaffi house to splinters, but he’s still around!
                            Van Halen breaks up…

                            Mr. Pibb is in my fridge!! I used to think it was poor man’s Dr. Pepper, now I like it better!
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