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    My cousin and I are children of the 70s/80s. We are trying to find the commercial where the kid says, "Larry's mom made liver, too". We think it was a Flintstone's vitamin commercial but we can't find it anywhere! If someone knows what we're talking about and knows where to find it, I would really appreciate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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      Wow, that's freaky! A co-worker of mine can't stop looking for the same clip!! He's not here right now at work, but I kow he wouldn't mind me giving you his email address. It's :
      [email protected]

      Happy searching, and hopefully this helps!!
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        OH MY GOD!!!! That is my cousin!!! How small is this world?!?!?!?! He just sent me the link to this because he Googled "Larry's mom...". This is too funny!! Thank you for trying.
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