Thread: What's your most favorite VHS recording that you taped off TV on VHS?

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    • 9 years 5 months ago
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    Well I had a recording of the dino-power hour I used to love with one ep of Dinosaucers and one ep of Denver the Last Dinosaur from the early 90's, but my sister taped over that years ago.

    My current favorite is a recording of a Tales from the Crypt marathon from the mid-to-late 90's (known as a "Chain Reaction" at the time) on Sci-fi channel.
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      • 9 years 5 months ago
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      I had The Christmas Toy on VHS that I taped when I was a really little kid, but I seem to have misplaced it. I'm glad, though, that it's coming out on dvd soon. I hope that the Kermit parts are in it and not cut out. Other than that, my favourite would have to be our family's very first VHS tape ever. It has the copy of Ghostbusters that we made from the rented tape.
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        • 9 years 5 months ago
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        When taped a few shows when I was a kid. Its The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown(something like that), we have taped from tv. Also, one Christmas we had a few shows on back to back, one was Bugs Bunny Christmas and the other was a Christmas story with humans and mice... I love watching both from time to time. Its awesome seeing the old commercials too.
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          I recently got 2 VHS recordings taped off TV. One of them featured some old Transformers episodes recorded in 1985 along with commercials. It also includes episodes of Beast Wars transformers (without commercials), The last half of an episode of Bullwinkle and the first half of an episode of Weinerville (taped off Nickelodeon in 1996 with commercials), and 2 Looney Tunes episodes taped from Boomerang.

          The second VHS recording includes 3 movies taped from the Movie Channel, The Disney Channel, and HBO. It also includes an episode of Pinky and the Brain taped off Kids WB in 1996.

          If anyone wants to trade anything from the stuff on these tapes, I'd be glad to do so.
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            • 9 years 5 months ago
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            It has been a While,Since i gone through my old VHS collection but here would the list of the tv shows Think that i recored.

            Beast Wars

            Transformers:gen 2 some few episodes

            AFV when Bob Saget was the host

            Worlds funniest videos

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              • 9 years 5 months ago
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              Honey, I shrunk the Kids
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                • 9 years 5 months ago
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                all three wallace and gromit movies

                This is my life
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                  • 9 years 5 months ago
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                  Wow, we have SO many that I cannot decide. My Dad wasn't in the habit of re-using tapes, which drove my Mom nuts, but we have quite the collection of stuff. I will have to go through them to really answer that. My next project will be to get those tapes from my parents and convert them to DVD. If I find anything of interest, I will upload them.

                  My favorites will be shows and movies that you can't get a hold of anymore, including:

                  California Raisin's Christmas Special
                  Varioius Saturday morning cartoons (CBS Storybreak)
                  Ghost Writer
                  Shining Time Station
                  Music Videos from Much Music, which no longer airs here
                  All Stars Against Drugs special with commercials

                  I also remember one tape of Christmas specials containing a Macy's parade, Disney holiday parade, and a Rockefeller tree lighting ceremony from 1988!
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                    • 9 years 5 months ago
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                    I taped a few episodes of Roseanne when it first aired in the late eighties. I think I was in love with Darlene because we were about the same age.
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                      • 9 years 1 month ago
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                      hahahah i used to do this every week, by far my favorite was some old 90s music videos i recorded from a show called the hit list, i still have the VHS kickin around somewher, another was the flinstones movie with john goodman. you needed to be skilled back then to make sure it looks as professional as possible, i always had one finger on the stop button so i didn't record the commercials hahahahah
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                        I remember when we rented Jurassic Park when it was first offered on Pay-per-view and me and my older brother were fighting over the remote and briefly changed the channel to Golf! Still have the tape, but the quality is horrible!
                          • 9 years 17 days ago
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                          I have several that have entertained me throughout the years, all of which except for the first two and number 5 I still treasure to this day.

                          1. 10 episodes of Beast Wars Transformers recorded off of FOX : Power surge, Fallen Comrades, Double Jeopardy, a Better Mousetrap, Gorilla Warfare, The Probe, Double Dinobot, The Spark, The Trigger Part 1, and The Trigger Part 2.

                          2. Another Beast Wars tape with 3 episodes on it : Other Voices Part 1, Other Voices Part 2, and Tangled Web.

                          3. 11 episodes from the first season of the Sailor dub, recorded off of USA : Time Bomb, Nightmare In Dreamland, Match Point For Sailor Moon, Unnatural Phenomena, Wedding Bell Blues, Dangerous Dollies, Who Was that masked Man?, An Animated Mess, Worth a Princess's Ransom, Molly's Folly, and A Friend In Wolf's Clothing. At 2 different points inbetween the episodes there was an episode of Muppet Babies (Which I have not treasured over the years).

                          4. A 6 episode SWAT Kats Super Chunk (marathon) recorded off of Cartoon Network : The Giant Bacteria, The Metallikats, The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice, Unlikely Alloys, The Dark Side of the SWAT Kats, and Cry Turmoil/SWAT Kats Unplugged.

                          5. The movie Labrynth, taped off the Disney Channel.

                          6. The movie Magic Island and the first 4 episodes of the live-action show Hypernauts combined into a TV movie, as well as the movies Under Wraps (which I don't like), and the Dark Crystal (which I like), all recorded off the Disney Channel.

                          I still love Beast Wars and Labrynth as much as I did when I was younger, but I stopped watching my recordings of them after I got them on DVD.
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                            • 9 years 17 days ago
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                            WrestleMania X8

                            the rock vs. hulk hogan was awesome and legendary
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                              • 9 years 17 days ago
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                              Most Christmas specials we taped over the years. It's fun seeing all the old commercials and such from time of year.
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                                • 9 years 17 days ago
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                                My mom used to tape everything so I had a big collection to choose from. But I would have to say it was 'Unico and the Island of Magic'. I loved that movie with a passion.
                                From when I started taping things for myself, it would be my MST3K tapes. Especially the 'Jack Frost' episode.
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                                  • 9 years 16 days ago
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                                  I had to think about this one

                                  1) the TMNT cartoons that used to come on
                                  2) In Living Color
                                  3) Fresh prince of bel air
                                  4) the G.I. Joe movie
                                  5) Willow
                                  6) The Friday the 13th movies
                                  7) The Freddy Kreuger Show
                                  All of the Bulls championship games
                                  9) Little Mermaid (My sister kids so no gay jokes)
                                  10) Robocop cartoon and movie
                                  11) all of Jean-Claude VanDamme movies
                                  12) All the WWF (WWE) and WCW events
                                  13)A few Sonic, Super Mario cartoons here and there
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                                    • 9 years 16 days ago
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                                    lol haha mine would have to be...a goofy movie b/c i LOVE musicals. I would always sing along to this movie and know all the words to it! till this day!
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                                      • 9 years 10 days ago
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                                      hmm either the great muppet caper or bon voyage charlie brown. i love those movies. and also the old commercials its great watching those again.
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                                        • 9 years 9 days ago
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                                        I call this VHS "ULTIMATE VHS" lol

                                        It was a 6hour vhs containing various episodes of....

                                        Power Rangers, Mega Man, Tiny Toons, Aladdin, Gargoyles, X-men, Sailor Moon, Ronin Warriors, Sonic The Hedgehog, Spider Man, Street Fighter oh man it was THE BEST VHS EVER!

                                        I'm trying so hard to transfer that to dvd
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                                          • 9 years 8 days ago
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                                          The Christmas Toy (unedited)
                                          Muppet Family Christmas (unedited)
                                          The Return Of Sherlock Holmes TV movie
                                          B.R.A.T. Patrol
                                          Earth Star Voyager
                                          The Absent Minded Professor I & II tv movies
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