Thread: What's your most favorite VHS recording that you taped off TV on VHS?

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    I don't really record tv shows, to be honest.

    As a result, probably the most notable thing I've taped was the 1999 Goody's Headache Powders 500, a Winston Cup (now Sprint Cup) race at Bristol Motor Speedway on August 28, 1999. NASCAR fans would probably remember this race, but for the non-fans, this race is known for Dale Earnhardt Sr. spinning out Terry Labonte on the last lap to win.
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      I still have more than 30 tapes with stuff from the 80s and the 90s. 25 tapes mostly consist of cartoons and other children's shows. I've got a lot of Disney shorts, Woody Woodpecker shorts, Pink Panther shorts, Garfield specials and Charlie Brown specials. But most of them were recorded not by me, because I wasn't born until 1984. And even though I learned how to record by myself, when I was only four years old, a lot of it was recorded before that. But I have an older brother and an older sister, and they're responsible for the recordings on my ten oldest tapes.

      I also have several tapes, nine of them at least, with Michael Jackson material. It's music videos, concerts, interviews, documentaries, movies... But since I only became a fan in 1995, only six of them were recorded in the 90s. The rest are recorded in the 2000s. And during the 2000s, I've also recorded plenty of movies, documentaries and TV shows. But they're too numerous to mention.

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        Quote by PixarFan88
        -The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie (Recorded off HBO)
        -Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (Recorded off HBO)
        -The Roots of Goofy (Recorded off Disney Channel)
        -The Simpsons Christmas Special * (Recorded off FOX)
        -The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror * (4 episodes recorded off FOX)
        -Snoopy Come Home * (Recorded off Disney Channel)

        *=I now own on DVD

        Roots of Goofy! I used to have that! But then it got taped over...

        My uncle has it though for his kids.... I need to ask if I can copy it
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          Well, my folks and I used to watch our tv-recorded VHS of the movie "One Magic Christmas" until we got an official VHS copy. We also had "A Summer To Remember." Anyone remember that movie with the Orangutan and the deaf little boy? It was a great family film. Other favorites were "Garfield's 9 lives," "Garfield's Christmas" and a "Clay-mation Christmas" with the California Raisins. The commercials on the tapes are timeless as well.
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            Home Alone 2 (taped in 1995), an episode of Hotch Potch House (from 1999, but it accidently got taped over) and 4 minutes of Muppets Tonight (199
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              damn.....My grandpa has a movie collection, and he got his first VCR in 1980. He records movies from television and adds them to his collection....He bought a DVD player, but he still uses a VCR to record stuff....I was watching "Animal House"..which was recorded off of TBS in 1998, and I saw some old commercials for soaps, cars, etc.

              But I don't have anything taped....
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                my home alone tape. my mom recorded it in like 93 or 94 or something and it was around christmas so it has a lot of good commercails on it. second favorite is probably my rudolph tape from around has some 7-up christmas commercails on it.
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                  The Goonies and Drop Dead Fred
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                    Probably (and most were not taped by me):

                    -A Fat Albert Christmas showing on USA back in 1988 (with commercials )
                    -A Mickey Christmas Carol (the FULL one)
                    -Several episodes of the Simpsons, seasons 3-5
                    -THE premiere of Fluppy Dogs on ABC back in Nov. of 1986 (with commercials!!!)
                    -The He-Man/She-Ra Christmas Special (with commercials )
                    -Several episodes of Care Bears (Nelvana's version)
                    -A tape with The My Little Pony movie, A Chipmunk Adventure and some episodes of DuckTales (I'm so sad the quality is bad; I put it in my old VCR and it no longer works! )
                    -The Mickey Mouse (I think that's who it was for) Valentine's Day special with commercials (broken tape. )
                    -WrestleMania XX
                    -My annual "Christmas tapes" I put together every year (since 2002) of showings of several Christmas specials and Christmas themed episodes of shows, including, but not limited to, The Simpsons, Charlie Brown, The Grinch, Mr. Magoo, Rudolph, Frosty, Mr. Bean (God bless the CBC and ABC Family), Winnie the Pooh, SpongeBob, Doug, Rugrats, Rocko's Modern Life and others. But I am still waiting for The very first Simpsons Christmas special/episode and A Space Ghost Christmas special to air someday (I know they're on DVD, but it would feel more special to tape it off TV with the commercials, so HAVE AT IT, WILL YA FOX AND ADULT SWIM?!?! Bastards.)
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                      I also have a tape full of Christmas specials taped off of CBS in Dec. 1997, they are:

                      Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer - Dec. 1
                      A Charlie Brown Christmas, A Garfield Christmas - Dec. 3
                      Winnie the Pooh & Christmas Too - Dec. 5
                      Frosty the Snowman, Frosty Returns, The Story of Santa Claus - Dec. 12
                      Mickey's Christmas Carol - Dec. 19

                      This is actually the best tape I've ever saved.
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                        howard the duck my aunt actually has because, i cannot find that schlocky movie in the market.
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                          -I'm baaaaaaaaaack....... here's part 3:

                          -An 80's tape with the 3rd Raffi concert/special I saw titled Raffi's Really Big Show(The second one I taped with the Care Bears in Wonderland movie and one of my favorite animated films, The Brave Little Toaster, but the tape went bad), Saludos Amigos, the special Puff the Magic Dragon and the Land of the Living Lies, and the Teddy Bears Picnic
                          -A tape from the late 80's ('89 I think, since that's the first time I heard about Raffi) with another Raffi concert (hits self), the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving special, and a severely edited version of Superman II.
                          -A 91-92 tape with an Easter special called Easter Egg Morning, All Dogs Go to Heaven, Nick at Nite airings of the Adventures of Superman and Dick Van Dyke, and random commercials off of Fox and HBO.
                          -A tape of Fox Kids on 11-16-94 featuring the very first episode of Spider-Man, as well as episodes of The Tick, Batman: The Animated Series (during the time it was called the Adventures of Batman and Robin) and X-Men. It also has a later episode of Spider-Man taped, as well as some Beavis & Butt-Head episodes that I would tape late at night in my room when my parents were asleep so they didn't know I was watching it.
                          -A '91 tape with an episode of Darkwing Duck (Night of the Living Spud) and White Fang. It also has this... weird CGI short off the Disney Channel that's.... I think it's either Spanish or Latin-American. From what I can tell, it's about some... bugs, actual insects, living inside a video game.
                          -A 1993 tape with episodes of the first two seasons of X-Men, the Power Rangers, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the movie the Adventures of the American Rabbit. I sadly taped over a bunch of stuff that I had taped off the Disney Channel in the 80's, though thankfully I've since found all of them on DVD.
                          -A tape from 1991 with Winnie the Pooh and Christmas Too (also has a preview for Beauty and the Beast), an incomplete version of Ernest saves Christmas which I think I taped over since I have it on DVD now, the Christmas episode of Darkwing Duck, and believe or not, the Bill Cosby movie Ghost Dad.
                          -A tape from the early 90's (I forget what years exactly, but it's around '92-'94) with the Beatles movie HELP!, the Christmas episode of Adventures in Wonderland, a Goof Troop Christmas, episodes of X-Men and Tiny Toon Adventures, and a chopped-up airing of the Disneyland production Mickey's Nutcracker.
                          -A tape with the first Neverending Story movie, an episode of X-Men where they fight Apocalypse for the first time, and two Tiny Toon Adventures episodes
                          -A 1991 tape with the third episode of Dinosaurs which introduced the Grandma, more episodes of Darkwing Duck that originally aired on the Disney Channel and had the early theme, and the 2nd half of Follow that Bird (the tape that had the 1st half as well as some other stuff is MIA). It has has a short bit from '93: half of a Batman: The Animated Series episode during the brief period it was on Fox's Sunday night primetime slot.
                          -A tape with some stuff from 1993: An early episode of X-Men, the Batman: The Animated series episode Harley and Ivy, the Tiny Toon Adventures music episode with Istanbul, not Constantinople, the Flintstones' New Neighbors, and Daffy Duck's Movie: Fantastic Island. It also has some episodes of Ducktales taped off the Disney Channel around 1996.
                          -A bunch of 1993 tapes with reruns Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles episodes taped off both USA's Cartoon Express and CBS, plus some other random stuff (G.I. Joe, Super Mario Bros. 3, Aladdin: the Series, Power Rangers, etc.)
                          -A tape from around 1989 with episodes of the Filmation Batman series, the first Flipper movie, and both stop-motion Curious George episodes.
                          -Another 1989 tape that has From Disney With Love, the Family Circus Valentine's Day special, the Purple People Eater movie with Neil Patrick Harris, and most of a Lunchbox episode.
                          -A 1992 tape with the first two episodes of X-Men, episodes of Batman: The Animated Series and Underdog, and Tim Burton film Frank N. Weenie, which I'm not ashamed to admit that it still makes me cry when I watch it.
                          -A late 80's/early 90's Disney Channel tape with the Dragon Who Was (or Wasn't He?), Jiminy Cricket: The Storyteller, a Pocket for Corduroy, and Donald in Mathmagicland.
                          -A 1990 Disney Channel tape with Hey There, It's Yogi Bear, Roger Rabbit in The Young People's Guide to Music, Stanley in the Dinosaurs (which has some of Jim Cummings' earliest voice work), and Snoopy Come Home.
                          -A 1990 tape with The Apple Dumpling Gang, Disney's Halloween Treat, and Babar: the Movie
                          -A tape from either 1988 or 1989 that mostly has Disney shorts, but also features another episode of This is America, Charlie Brown (Birth of the Constitution) and has most of Garfield's Halloween, though it cuts out right when Garfield and Odie meet the creepy old guy.
                          -A 1990 tape with the Disney Robin Hood movie, the final classic Herbie movie Herbie Goes Bananas, and the Goofy Success Story.
                          -A 1989 tape with another Smothers Brothers episode, Garfield on the Town, a Disney Valentines special featuring movie and shorts clips, and the Bugs Bunny's Wild World of Sports special which was one of the final times the legendary Mel Blanc did the voice of the Looney Tunes characters. But do you want to know something just plain weird? I haven't seen this tape since 1991! I never got rid of it, and I definitely never taped over it as by then I was old enough to work the VCR controls myself. This is yet another one of my few tapes that have been completely MIA.
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                            I didn't tape these one, but:

                            - A tape chock full of Cartoon Network circa 1995 (aka the last retro year in my opinion) from beginning to end. Shows include an episode of Gatchaman (G-Force), Fantastic Four, Two Stupid Dogs, Looney Tunes and several Christmas specials (indicating this was December 1995) including Caspers First Christmas, A Smurfs Christmas, Tis the Season to be Smurfy and surprisingly, no Grinch (aka, the most overplayed Christmas special surpassing even Rudolph). Commercials include Chicken Limbo and an ad for "Capitol Critters" for when it would premiere on CN come 1996.

                            - The 1995 Christmas parade at Disney World.

                            - A tape full of Boston UPN affiliate goodness. Including Hogans Heroes, M*A*S*H, and St. Elsewhere.
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                              I had a 1993 tape which had

                              Sword in the stone
                              Benjamin Bear christmas
                              Merry Christmas Charlie Brown
                              Inspector Gadget saves christmas
                              Nilus the sandman Christmas
                              Santa claus is coming to town
                              Frosty the snowman
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                                My favorite programs recorded are:

                                -A tape of Seinfeld episodes (including The Soup Nazi) from their original NBC airings with lots of old ads
                                -The first, final, and "Men Are Stupid" episodes of Maximum Exposure (which are now gone, since the damn tape tangled in the damn kitchen TV/VCR, and I don't have cable anymore, so I can't see them when Fox Reality Shows them every couple of weeks! )
                                -Some episodes of The Angry Beavers from when they aired reruns (but, unfortunately, this tape was also killed by the damn kitchen TV/VCR! And they aren't on TV anymore, either! )
                                -A tape with various Fox TV specials
                                -A Nightline special on ABC from 2003 or 2004 about the Zodiac killer
                                -Old episodes from the SciFi show "Proof Positive" (I liked the ones about UFOs and aliens)
                                -A tape of UFO and alien-related episodes of the syndicated show Unexplained Mysteries, from when they originally aired on CBS 2 (atleast where I'm from).
                                -Some episodes of Beakman's World (they still air on Fox every Friday or Saturday, so I'm taping 'em before the show is off the air again)
                                -A tape from a Three Stooges marathon on TBS in 1993, which includes some ones I've never seen before, and also has the one where Moe broke his ribs
                                -A tape of old Kenan and Kel episodes (which were back on TV in reruns, but the reruns are now gone!)
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                                  To add:
                                  1992-A special hosted by Leonard Maltin that was called "A Salute to Max Fleischer" It was a great homage to the animator.

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                                    I have a tape with a few episodes of the syndicated version of Fun House.

                                    JD Roth
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                                      my favorite tape would probably have to be the one that has Christmas Eve on Sesame Street on it... i watched that thing so many times as a kid... im surprised it still works!

                                      my parents bought the dvd for me last christmas! XD
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                                        His Beak Blinks like a blinking Beaken! Donner I ops: I have a big huge collection of tv shows between 1987- present, but am trying to record my tapes to DVD. I recorded some Garfield specials , Charlie Brown specials, I never did tape Charlie Brown Thanksgiving. Got a prerecorded copy in 1987. That same year I got Rudolph, We are Santa's Elves was cut on that version. Frosty, The Grinch, some of You're a Mean one, Mr. Grinch was cut from that version, Scrooge, the Musical, a lot was cut out of that, Mickey's Christmas Carol with other Disney short Christmas cartoons, Twas the Night Before Christmas, Bugs Bunny's Looney Christmas Tales, The Bear That Slept Through Christmas, cut parts, Santa Claus is Comin' to Town, songs were shortened, A Christmas Carol 1938 Colorized version fron TBS. I still have these tapes but I am trying to transfer them to DVD. I also have a lot of old westerns mostly taped off CBN then Family Channel, Munsters, every episode except one(Herman's Peace Offensive), I Love Lucy, Jeannie, Bewitched, Green Acres, Tom and Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Popeye, Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction(Color Episodes) Only have 7 in B&W on DVD, Dick Van Dyke, Honeymooners, Andy Griffith, and a lot more shows.
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                                          For me, I have a few favorites.

                                          Some of them include...

                                          - A segment of the 1989 Grammy Awards on CBS. The segment includes a commercial The Smothers Brothers did for Magnavox. It also includes a couple of promos including "Hard Time on Planet Earth" and the Eddie Murphy show "What's Alan Watching" along with the CBS ID at the time. It is recorded off WDEF-TV 12 in Chattanooga, TN because of the short news tease I have on the tape.

                                          - The network television premiere of "The Karate Kid II" on NBC from 1988. It has the original commercials on there and I did mention about the Oldsmobile commercial with Frankie Avalon, Jr. and his father.

                                          - A tape full of programming recorded off WKCH-TV 43 (now WTNZ-TV 43) from 1985 including a John Wayne movie. The tape also contains the original commercials and a news brief with Phil Rainey (WKCH staff announcer).
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