Thread: Dumbest rule your school made

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    My school didn't require uniforms but it was still a bad school to go to. Let me explain the school.

    First all classes did a color system. You start as green. If you talked or something your color changes to yellow. If you got on yellow you have 5 minutes off of recess. Next is orange. Orange will give you silent lunch and 10 minutes off recess. Final color change is red. Red gives you silent lunch and no recess. If you misbehave further the teacher will call your mom or dad and tell them what you did. Not having your agenda signed moves you to yellow. No homework or low grades moves you to orange. Even 5th grade went by this system. My school still goes by this system today.

    Sounds like the school created a lot of unnecessary stress for you kids. I'm sure however that it instilled some life lasting discipline too. The problem with stuff like this is it creates too much negativity. It's like having a boss that writes you up for petty things.

    We had a check system in the 1st and 4th grade. In 2nd grade you had to walk up and add a check to a laminated chart every time you broke a rule. If you had too many at the end up the week you had to sit out for Friday popcorn and games. In the 4th grade it became a school wide rule, but the teacher would just mark it on a piece of paper. You were only allowed get this FIVE in a week. 6 would earn a parent phone call and 7 would be an office visit. I got sent to the office every fucking Friday and got swats 3 times in a couple of months. It was insane and made little sense as I usually forgot what earned me the checks earlier in the week. Fortunately my parents pulled me out of the school a few months into the school year and put me in private school (many reasons why).

    In private school we had a demerit system in some classes. If you got 3 in a day you got a 20 minute detention after school the next day. I actually liked that system because I knew my boundaries and remembered what I did to earn the demerit. My teacher a couple of years later created her own version where different offenses earned you a different number. I didn't like it that way.
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      They banned the slap bracelets.

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        Woah, have times changed since I first started this thread. I was in junior high when I first began this thread, and by the time I got to high school, things only got worse. During high school, we had to wear ID's throughout the entire day, and if we did not show up with it, then we were forced to pay $5 for a new one. We also were not allowed to leave the cafeteria during our lunch period, because heaven forbid I leave the cafeteria and I'm missing something of educational value. Also, from after prom until the end of the school year, students cannot have any unexcused absences, otherwise seniors cannot attend graduation, and underclassmen don't get any senior privileges. Thank goodness I graduated before things got worse because now students are not allowed to walk outside the school building during the school day, unless assigned by a teacher. This rule was made in response to the Sandy Hook Massacre, which really does absolutely nothing.
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          Quote by ethandaman24
          This rule was made in response to the Sandy Hook Massacre, which really does absolutely nothing.

          That's a terrible excuse to ratify a new rule, because I'm not being offensive, but the victims of Sandy Hook were six-year-olds who didn't know how to survive and we are youths who are more responsible.
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