Thread: need help on old video game

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    i remeber a game that was a side scrolling shooter but u fought againist like fruit. i can remember a large watermelon being a boss or something
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      it was on the nes i cant remeber too much more than that
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        It was only released in Japan and Europe for several systems.

        You had to shoot various crap like vegetables, stone figurines, squids, ... and watermelons
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          I'm still looking, but I found a game called "Bangai-O" for Dreamcast. When you kill enemies they turn into fruit, and if your good enough they'll turn into a watermelon.

          Hold on I found another note on another site that said "Bangai-O" was a sequel to a Japanese game called "Bakuretsu Muteki Bangaioh" that was on the Nintendo64.

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            I believe you're thinking of Twinbee, You fought against various bosses including Fruits and household items if I remember correctly...
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