Thread: Capcom Classics now available

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    for those who love old school capcom games, check this out. i picked this game up last month for the xbox. for 17 bucks, this is one hell of a collection. i wont list all the games simply because i cant remember them all but there are:

    final fight
    ghost and goblins (this is one hard game)
    ghost and ghouls (sega genesis version and a real pain)
    super ghosts and goblins
    gunsmoke (nothing like one shot and you're dead)
    commando (same as above)
    son son (never heard of it till i saw it on the game)
    section z (i hate this game)
    street fighter
    street figher championship
    street fighter hyper fighting
    1943 akai
    legendary wings
    forgotten worlds
    bionic commando (this game is also a real pain. they allow the guy to grapple. but he cant jump? great idea.)

    and a few more

    as to the quality of the games and the replication factor-100%.

    i was glad to see the original version of final fight. having guy and rolento's board was great.
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      You could have been playing MAME this whole time?
      (Like MOST of the internet)
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        nah. no point in doing that. gotta support the company so i can get more great games.
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          I didn't have this game yet, but I will. I love "Section Z" that much, I defeated L-Brian in the final stage, and it was a little more difficult. I remember the first time I defeated was back in 1988 when I was a youngster where I played "Section Z" where I beat the last boss and finally got to see the ending of the game. I still have the game on my old NES.
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            I didn't see anything about a Gamecube version of this.

            Gamecube getting the shaft makes me think about getting a used XBox eventually (I'm waiting for the 360 to drop in price).
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              I also like the Game Cube but most gamers that I know say it stinks.
              But then, I'm the guy who would like to see a commemorative release of the original NES.
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                There are some rare gems like Pirate Ship Higemaru where I scored 639,300 pts. It's just like Pengo, you'll love it.
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