Thread: Can you write a piece without including pictures?

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    Sure its ok it just may not receive the attention that an article with pictures may.
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      I wrote a story. I'm kinda bad at awriting stuffs

      Here give it a whirl:

      One day Super Mario walked out of his mushroom shaped house (I was gonna put a pic here but yous aid no... so just imagine). He ran into King Kooper who said, "GRRRRRRRRRR I kidnapped your princess and stole your faovrite shoes." Mario looked down, "ohno! I', not wearing shoes!"

      TBC... someone else finish the story k?
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        but I know you dont like pics but i was wondering what you think of this picture I drew? it look me like 3 hrs to draw I know im not that good yet but hey criticisms are welcome I guess as long as they're saying like "good job man"

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