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    I do remember those Luvs commercials with the talking diaper. I remember when the talking diaper was new, I had a good laugh. I mean who would expect to see a diaper that would talk?

    Other Luvs commercials with the talking diaper were the ones that introduced Luvs "Ultra Leaquegards" with the slogan "Say hello thins, bye-bye leaques."

    Anyway, if anyone has any of THOSE diaper commercials on video tape somewhere in there video library, send them.

    It's one in a commercial break. I think that's one of them you were looking for
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      There used to be a channel on YouTube called "diaperads", but he got suspended just now.

      How did he get his account suspended?

      No idea. It just happened all of a sudden.

      Was he suspended or did he close it?
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        Well okay theres this really stupid crappy Diapers commercial that i remember from my childhood 1996 to be exsact & i beliave it was a Hugies commercial & oh dear god this commercail still gives me nightmares today it was where the baby was walking & the they play the song Mr. sand man i dont know why but that commmercial gave me nightmares as a child & today it still kinda dose i dont know theres just something freaky about it i guess.
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          You mean this commercial?
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            Hey all, does anybody remember watching diaper commercials while WEARING diapers?! (I mean as a kid before you were potty-trained, not from when you were an adult and you wore diapers for fun, or as an adult because you were old and lost your potty training.)
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