Thread: I am doing this for research.

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    I need the exact release date for these original nintendo games

    Donkey Kong Country(snes game)
    Earthboud(snes game)
    Ice Climbers

    If you can do this for me, anyone, that would be a great help
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      • 12 years 6 months ago
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      I can't find the day the games were released on but I do have the months and years. Oh and these are the American release dates

      Metroid August 1987

      Mario October 1985

      Zelda July 1987

      DK Country November 23, 1994

      Earthbound June 1, 1995

      Ice Climber October 1985
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        Go to gamefaqs and search for each game - each game's release date is listed.

        Here's Super Mario Bros. for example:
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          Super Mario Bros. 2 came out in 87', Super Mario Bros. 3 on 02/12/90, Mario World in 91', Zelda II in 88', and Link to the Past in 92' if those help.
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