Thread: Favorite NES games

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    it was disturbing if i ever had something like that following me i would run for some sort of weapon and kill it. it was a terrible game lol
    The Bucket is Opened<<<<< Off shadowgate on the nes.
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      Here are the games that contribuuted to my development as a kid

      Rush N Attack - No game influenced me more than this one. Seriously, and it taught me cooperation was necessary to kill commies in similar games like Guerilla War, Ikari Warriors, and Jackal which also contributed to my growth and eventual career choice.

      River City Ransom - Fighting, RPG abilities and skills building. Great concept.

      Super Dodgeball - After River City Ransom I got hooked on Technos Japan Corp. games.

      Nintendo World Cup Soccer - Another Technos game which I still play today. Worth checking out.

      Zelda - This was the third game I played for the NES. The first commercial was great. It taught me map reading and land navigation skills along with Dragon Warrior.

      Super Mario Bros. 3 - I mention this game because I owned it about a year before anyone in the US had it. I was the coolest kid in school for like 10 days. I also was able to use it as barter for my friends' best games when we borrowed each other's shit. ("Hey I'll give you SMB3 for a week for 3-D worldrunner, Super C, Strider, Metal Gear, and Double Dragon 2.") I had the Japanese famicom cartridge with an adapter that allowed it to be played on our NES long before the game was translated into English and release in the US.

      Good times with the old NES.
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        Contra, Double Dragon, Super Mario Bros. (any three)
        Any of those friggin' sweet Disney ones:
        Chip N' Dale: Rescue Rangers, DuckTales, etc...
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          The Disney Games were sweet! And really hard, well Ducktales and Chip 'n Dale were.

          The games that probably shaped my gaming the most would be Zelda, Mega man, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Mario 1, 2, and 3.

          All of them great games!
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            1. Shadowgate
            2. Deja Vu
            3. Zelda
            4. Link, though I was never able to beat this one
            5. Rad Racer
            6. Contra
            7. Metroid

            Kind of makes me wish i wasnt at work so i could play them all.
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              Super mario allstars on the snes was awesome as well as tmnt the arcade version
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                Shadowgate was a good one just coz of some of the stupid stuff it had like this one that seems a bit perverted.

                then this one that i like

                The Bucket is Opened<<<<< Off shadowgate on the nes.
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                  1.Tecmo Super Bowl
                  3.Super Mario Brs. 3
                  4.TMNT(I don't care what you say nobody beat the first one!!!)
                  5.TMNT 2 Arcade
                  6.Mike Tyson's Punchout
                  7.Mega Man 3
                  8.Super Dodgeball
                  9.Zelda 2 Adventures of Link
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                    im gonna have to go with river city ransom.
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                      has anyone played

                      pussy city that is a strange game
                      The Bucket is Opened<<<<< Off shadowgate on the nes.
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                        Shadowgate used to give me a heart attack when my last torch was almost out and I didnt have any backups. The music that played when you died was cool
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                          SMB 1&3, for some reason didnt go for SMB2 that much.
                          TMNT2, I have to admit I never beaten it or got close to but it just wasnt for me
                          Double Dragon, who doesnt like beating up gangs of bad guys.
                          Legend of Zelda, I have to agree too about the 2nd not being good.
                          Mission Impossible, sometimes I just played to hear the theme song :p
                          World Cup Soccer, reminded me of an old soccer cartoon (japanese I think)
                          Duck Hunt, the only gun game I had

                          the list goes on but unfortunately my NES fell to the floor and refuses to work. Since it is european I dont even know where to get it fixed which is unfortunate for me cause I plan to get it fixed.
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                            I have also found the joy of playing old games via emulators

                            Favorite games, basically anything Super Mario. Also a big fan of the Duck Hunt game.. I owned that game I did. And Donkey Kong... so outdated now but I loved it. OHH also Pacman.
                            The muppet show Se. 1 (8-9-05)
                            Clarissa (8-9-05)
                            Garfield vol 4 (8-30-05)
                            Rocky & Bullwinkle: Se. 3 (9-6-05)
                            Toy Story (10th Anniversary Edition) (9-6-05)
                            Heathcliff & The Catillac Cats (9-20-05)
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                              I can't believe no one else liked Metal Gear.

                              My favorite NES games when I was a kid:

                              Metal Gear
                              Bionic Commando
                              Chip N Dale: Rescue Rangers
                              Wizards & Warriors 1 & 2
                              Dragon Warrior
                              Super Mario Bros. 1 & 3 (I hated 2)
                              Mega Man 2 & 3
                              Rescue: The Embassy Mission
                              Who Framed Roger Rabbit
                              Maniac Mansion
                              Legend of Zelda II

                              I'm sure there are many more that I am forgetting, but Nintendo had so many awesome games!

                              It was always fun trading games with friends at school...
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                                Contra. End of debate.

                                Oh wait... I forgot all the Megaman games... and Kirby... errr I guess it's not the end of the debate... umm carry on... jolly good...
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                                  Tecmo Bowl
                                  Tecmo Super Bowl
                                  Mike Tyson's Punch Out
                                  Mario 2
                                  Low G Man
                                  Ninja Gaiden
                                  Bionic Commando
                                  Mega Man 1, 3
                                  The Legend of Zelda
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                                    My favourite NES game was 'The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy'. I used to play it for hours at my friend Brad's house, when we went through our Flintstones-obsessed phase. Mmm... Fruity Pebbles.
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                                      Legend of Zelda
                                      Final Fantasy
                                      StarTropics (Heavily surprised no one metioned this)
                                      Super Mario Bros 3 and 2
                                      Dragon Warrior's 1, 2 and 4 (I didnt like #3 that much)
                                      Mike Tyson's Punch Out
                                      Mega Man's 1, 2, 3, and 4
                                      Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves
                                      Kid Icarus
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                                        I loved River City Ransom, never beat it,
                                        Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers
                                        Mario RPG, loved mallow.
                                        Maniac Mansion
                                        Earthbound, rented it 10 times straight from blockbuster.
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                                          So funny! This (Maniac Mansion) was one of my favorite games... that and Bionic Commando. The funny part is that I never knew any friends who liked either of these games, but here on Retro Junk, a lot of you like those games. Where were all of you when I was a kid???
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