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    How many of you remember this Canadian based show about Dusty(human), Scooter the Squirrel, Maxine Crow, and a Spider whose name I can't remember. It was on Nick. in the early 80's. Also, there was another show that was a film festival (on Nick) that was hosted by this wizard dude.....Does anyone remember the name of this show?
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      It wasn't Mr. Wizard' World. It showed short films and was hosted by some dork dressed up in a wizard outfit.
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        I sadly, remember it.
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          I loved Dusty's Treehouse. I watched it on Nick when I was little. Stanley was the spider's name. Remember him getting stuck in an old fridge and almost suffocating before Dusty and the gang found him. I was terrified of our own fridge for some time.
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            I notice you guys liked Dusty's Treehouse. I have three props from the show and would like to sell them. If you're interested I can take pictures and send them to you. E-Mail me at [email][email protected][/email]


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