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    This is mostly for people from North Carolina. But I'm sure you guys in other states had similar shows. WITNey the Hobo came on right after school. He was a raggedy dressed hobo with clown face make up on. There were kids in in the audience which he interacted with. This show was very similar to the Krusty the Klown show on the Simpsons, but WITNey came long before it. The most important thing to me was that during his let's watch some cartoons segment I got to see the Transformers. Not just a clip but the whole show intro and outro included. I don't know how many tarheels are in this forum but holla out if you remember WITNey the Hobo. Peace
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      I remember WITNey! Even went to one of his shows when they recorded it in the Heilig-Meyers in Greenville. I, too, was a big Transformers fan because of WITNey!
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