Thread: OK Whats the best deal on anything you have ever had

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    Vintage Jimi Hendrix concert from 196? ( I cant remember now) barely from my mom
    She has tons of vintage concert shirts and posters from growing in san francisco in the 60's.

    All time best had to be a box of NES games and and 6 Sega Games for $15. All were almost in mint condition.
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      Quote by chaoszerg
      ahh zoids what great toys i still have a game of that.

      my gf hates me collecting stuff she says its childish to collect old toys and videos of cartoons and other old shows.................but the thing is she collects porcelain dolls. lol so i just keep my stuff in the loft untill we get a bigger place.

      Hey ChaosZerg it you hobbey to do if you want to collect old toy and old video cartoon you can no one is stoping you to do it.
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        A PlayStation 2 for $15
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