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    Smash brothers with Final Fantasy characters is unlikely though would be extremely cool.

    I would be happy if the just made a bad ass side scroller like MB3.
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      I am a huge gamer. I paly online all the time. I used to be ranked 4th online in NCAA 2004, my name was HCCrusader. I play SOCOM II online right now, my name is €lite Mofü|<er, on one of the best clans on the game. Anyone else here play SOCOM by any chance? Its too good.....
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        i play like once a week now
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          I'd look pretty silly saying 'no' with my BF2 sig attached to each of my posts now, wouldn't I? I wasn't a gamer until BF2 came around though. Oh, and there's gotta be something between 'every day' and 'once a month'. I'm more like a 'depends on where the wife is and what she's doing' gamer.
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            i can't wait for the new nintendo system. I think the reason that that nintendo fell is that they tried to stay the same...they didnt give gamecube cd format or dvd features or anything because they wanted the system to be about the games, not other features like xbox. unfortunately that backfired on them. Kinda sucks that you have to have features that aren't about the games to stay in the market, but thats life. Like I said in another post, people don't want simple things anymore. Me, I like simple things better. Just give me an NES and the duck hunt/mario cartridge and I'd be entertained all day

            And getting to the point of the topic, I used to play nintendo all the time with my brother and his friends before he went to college. Now I'm 15 and I don't have time to play much. Ocasionally I'll pull a nintendo out and get sucked in for a few days. Sadly, the games don't take long to beat for me anymore. I played Zelda: Ocarina of Time back in September or August and beat it pretty quickly. Lol, it made me kind of sad that it wasn't hard to beat anymore. But yeah, I wish I had more time to play, but high school just keeps you too busy.
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