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    My Favorite cartoon has to be Astroboy, and very slowly I'm building a collection of Astro things. Sure it's not nearly as big as most the other collectins I've seen here, but everyone's gotta start somewhere right? ^.^; From time to time, when I have a few extra dollars I buy something off Ebay. Ebay is a vile temptress I tell you!

    Anyways here's the pic, sorry it's hard to see some of the items, that's just from how the display cabinent is built. I'll have to take them all out when I get my latest item and take a big pic.

    2004 MIB "Arm Cannon" Astro
    2004 Atlas with light up eyes
    2004 "Build your own Astro" Astroboy
    2004 "Searchlight Eyes" Astro
    2004 The Complete NEW Series Astroboy DVD Collection
    2003 Japanese Astroboy Passport case
    2003 SEGA UFO Catcher Plushie Uran/Zoran
    2003 SEGA UFO Catcher Plushie Running Astro
    2003 SEGA UFO Catcher Plushie Sitting Astro
    2003 SEGA UFO Catcher Plushie Dr. Elefun/Dr. O'Shay
    2003 SEGA UFO Catcher Plushie Wally Kisagari
    Classic Astro Trio Keychains X2

    2003 Jumbo 17" Tall Astroboy Plushie (waiting for arrival from Ebay Auction)
    2004 Astroboy- The Omega Factor GBA Game (Still in the GBASP- It never leaves there XD)
    2004 Astroboy waving Keychain (On my keyring XD)
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