Thread: Did everyone forget DOS games?

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    • 10 years 9 days ago
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    God I loved dos games.. still do! Leisure Suit Larry, Hugo, Commander Keen, Willy Beamish, Dark Sun: Shatterd Land & Wake of the Ravager, Wacky Funsters.....and so many more
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      • 7 years 6 days ago
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      How about Epic Pinball, Alf, and The Dinosaur Discovery Kit? I never did too much DOS gaming as a kid because my family didn't buy our first computer (a Mac...why oh why I'll never know...) until I was ten and my only gaming experience up until that point was on my Sega Genesis and a few friend's Super NES' and NES'. I also tried play any arcade games I could whenever we went to a place that had an arcade like Cedar Point, or one of our local Cleveland Putt-Putt places like Goodtimes which is no longer around but they had great putt-putt, go-karts, laser tag and of course an epic arcade.

      Swings 'N' Things was also another great putt-putt place in Cleveland with a decent arcade. Anyway, I really don't have much DOS gaming experience outside of the times I would go and stay at my aunt and uncle's and play games with my cousins on their computer although I didn't care too much for the computer until we had our first computer (like I said before it was a Mac...)
        • 7 years 6 days ago
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        The only ones I really remember playing were from school, Word Munchers and Oregon Trail.
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          • 7 years 5 days ago
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          Mmmmmm The Oregon Trail.
            • 7 years 5 days ago
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            mmmmmm gizmos and gadgets
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              • 7 years 5 days ago
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              First game I played online.
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                • 7 years 5 days ago
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                Some of the old DOS RPGs were pretty good. I'm especially fond of the Might & Magic series.
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                  • 7 years 5 days ago
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                  I used to play the shit out of Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Doom and Redneck Rampage back in the day.
                    • 7 years 5 days ago
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                    did anyone have the dos version of "out of this world"?
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                      • 7 years 2 days ago
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                      I can't believe no one has mentioned Return to Zork, or any of the Zork games for that matter... They were some of the best of all time!

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                      Sigh. I guess I'm alone on this one.
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                        • 6 years 11 months ago
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                        Iron and Blood - Warriors of Raven loft is my favorite DOS games. Those days I saw my brother was playing this game on our first desktop PC.
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                          • 6 years 11 months ago
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                          Quote by retromaniac
                          I used to play lots of DOS games back in the early 90's - Wolfenstien 3D, Commander Keen, Oregon Trail, Raptor, Hugo, Space Quest, King's Quest, Duke Nukem, etc. I still have all these games on floppy disks and play them on DOSbox from time to time.

                          Wow, a post of mine from over 3 years ago. Almost feels retro.
                            • 6 years 11 months ago
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                            Lemmings was my dos favorite.

                            Also the castle of doctor brain
                              • 1 year 2 months ago
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                              The thread is old, but, I have to say DOS was the best. It might have taken a bit of work to get some games to run. But when they did, wow.
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                                • 11 months 24 days ago
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                                One of my favorites was Scorched Earth. Especially if playing with a friend.
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                                  • 4 months 30 days ago
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                                  My favorite DOS game was and is Kings Quest I.
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